Different Types of Governments

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Overcoming Bipolar Disorder Anger

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Watch us build a work from home business

See first hand what we do in our Work From Home Business!

It is all about to start… and I am very very very nervous.

We are going to put it all on the line, you get to see the good, the bad and the downright ugly as we show you what works and what doesn’t when building a Work From Home Business.

Watch what we do as we take 2 people by the hand and teach them what to do and what not to do when building a successful work from home business. Continue reading “Watch us build a work from home business”

What is M5M or Mission 5 Million

What is M5M

M5M was developed by Mannatech as the visionary company that took on the challenge to nourish the worlds dying children with M5M. It stands for Mission 5 Million.

You see 5 million children under the age of 5 die every year from malnutrition, Mannatech did not see that as acceptable and due to their proprietary nutritional technology saw it as their responsibility to take on the challenge of nourishing 5 million children. Continue reading “What is M5M or Mission 5 Million”

Will you continue to look in the rear view mirror? John 10:10

Are you still looking in the rear view mirror John 10:10

Will you choose to live a life ruled by the thief or by the King?

Remember, the thief (the devil) comes to steal kill and destroy, but Jesus comes to give you life and life in abundance.

One of the saddest things I hear from people is that they have been hurt or disillusioned by circumstances that have surrounded their life, and because of their pain, they can not make a decision to do anything that will improve their future, no matter how good the opportunity is or what it could mean, because their hurt and pain rule their lives.

I had a wonderful discussion with one of my daughters recently, she had said the one thing that I believe we have all said at one point in our lives “She makes me so angry!” (she was talking about her sister lol) Continue reading “Will you continue to look in the rear view mirror? John 10:10”