12 Powerful Questions To Prospect On Facebook

12 questions for prospecting on facebookFirst I want to answer this one question…How do you prospect on facebook?

It seems many people are caught up in the belief that there is some kind of mystical way to prospect on facebook.

They think they need to learn this hidden secret and once they learn it, then all of their questions will be answered and their income will grow and their business will thrive.

They look at facebook as the goose that will lay the golden egg, but instead of feeding and nurturing the goose to get it to continue to lay those precious little nuggets, they get frustrated and paralysed in their efforts.

Instead of just doing SOMETHING they do NOTHING and so get no results.

This then makes them look at the goose not as the thing that can bring great results for the future but as the thing that will satisfy their need for food for today.

They chop of it’s head and eat it for lunch.

Thus no more golden eggs.

I see this in facebook marketing all the time and I also see it in business as a general rule.

Too many people give up without trying.

The secret to marketing on facebook is “community and relationship”, which is the same key for marketing in any medium whether online or offline.

It is when you start to interact with your prospects and your clients, build rapport and help them with their needs, this is the time when everything changes for you.

Sure you can start facebook advertising, setup your own facebook fan page and start driving traffic to a landing page, however all of this costs money (although when done right, it is money very well spent), for many people when they are first getting started, you can build a brand and a following using facebook with no cost, it gets build just on relationship.

We have many of our business partners who get started with us, with very little to no money in a budget for advertising, so what can they do?

Simple, start building relationships on facebook and other social media sites, this then gets those relationships interested in what you do and involved as well.

Facebook is the new list builder for the home based business industry and it answers the question…”Do I need to speak to the people I know?”

The answer now is NO!!!

So do yourself a favour today.

Start building relationships on facebook by asking simple questions with the people you are friends with.

Start chatting with about 10 – 20 people in the instant chat area.

I received these questions from a training I did with

FORM them and tell them that you make money online using facebook. They will then ask you…HOW???

You respond with these questions:

  1. Why do you want to know?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What does that entail?
  4. How long have you done it?
  5. What did you do before?
  6. How are you being effected by what is happening with the economy?
  7. How do you like what you are doing?
  8. Have you ever thought about doing anything else?
  9. Are you familiar with the home based business industry?
  10. What experience did you have?
  11. Why do you think you weren’t successful?
  12. Would you be open to looking at another company that didn’t have those obstacles and a system that will train you?

These are powerful questions and allow you to discuss your business with your prospects

In our next post, I will take you through how to prospect with these questions.

Make sure you leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts 🙂

how to prospect on facebook









how to prospect on facebook





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  1. Hi James, I’ve been following your emails for a while now, and now my daughter has linked up with Dual Networking. We are quite excited and hope it will bring us the success we need! Thanks for everything you’re doing and all the advice.

    1. Hi Dora
      I am really glad, make sure you spend as much time inside of our training system as you can, you will be equipped and empowered

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