3 Keys To Why You Should Do A 90 Day Massive Action Plan

Why You Need A 90 Day Massive Action Plan90 Day Massive Action Plan Secret Uncovered

Have you ever wondered why so many leaders talk about the 90 day massive action plan and why it is so important to the Home Business Industry and why I believe it is even more important to the Christian Home Based Business Opportunity?

To truly understand you need to have completed not just one but many yourself and you will not just have a theoretical knowledge but you will also have real experience on how the 90 day massive action plan works and WHY it works.

Today we get to look at why the 90 Day Massive Action Plan is one of the most integral parts of any Christian Home Based Business and why you need to planning right now your first one.

The Unfortunate Truth About 90 Day Massive Action Plans.

Unfortunately most people get told by their mentors that they need to start and complete a 90 Day Massive Action Plan however what happens is that they may start one, but they never finish and it is the finish that is the important component.

They get hurt, frustrated & overwhelmed finding everything too hard and they give up. It is sad because they never realise just how close they were to achieving the very thing they set out to achieving and that they didn’t just give up on their 90 day massive action plan, they gave up on their dreams…and this is even more important.

You see most people don’t associate their activity with their dreams, they just associate it with work and discomfort, it is the wise individual who actually associates it with their dreams because their dreams actually mean something to them and so they don’t give up, they continue with their 90 day massive action plan until they achieve their dreams or until the Lord takes them home.

To say that I am feeling a little uncomfortable about talking to you about our 90 day massive action plan would be an understatement, why? Because I know what I am about to do, but at the same time I extremely excited… because I also know what the result will be. It means that I will be able to do some of the things that have been on my heart for a very long time that I have not been able to do.

Now I know some of you maybe thinking, “James you make all this money…..” well God gives us big dreams and so I want to accomplish those dreams 🙂

The 3 Things A 90 Day Massive Action Plan Does:

1. A 90 Day Massive Action Plan gives you clarity.

When you make a decision that you are going to actually do your 90 day massive action plan, it brings you clarity, you are actually saying to yourself that you are serious about your future and your dreams. This decision removes all of the time stealers that you are doing in your life and business and shows you the things that will be profitable.

2. A 90 Day Massive Action Plan gives you permission.

I know this may sound different, however in all my time in this industry, one of the biggest struggles I have seen people have has been with their loved ones, if they don’t have their loved ones on board then the thought of building this business is just a thought, because they are always fighting the conflict inside of them and their relationship…A 90 Day Massive Action Plan changes all that.

It was when I went to my wife Kasey and she could see that i was serious about building our business that I felt the freedom to build and start out 90 day massive action plan.

So you are not only giving yourself permission to work and work with everything inside of you, but you are also receiving permission from those you love and care about that starting your 90 day massive action plan is ok…and it does not matter what you think on this point, until you have it, you won’t have unity and unity commands a blessing.

3. A 90 Day Massive Action Plan allows God to open heave for you.

You should know that God is all about blessing you, however there are times when we are ready to receive those blessings and when we are not.

The bible says that the Lord gives us the desires of our heart, but most of the time when we look at the real desires of our heart, they are not really what we think they are. Let me give you an example. You may want to earn a million dollars per year, but you don’t want to have to work for it. So you true desire is to not have to work, so

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guess what, you don’t get the million dollars per year, you get the “not having to work”.

When you start your 90 day massive action plan, you allow God to give you your REAL desire Your Competing Commitment of your heart because you are working towards it.

More about this in another post.

The next 90 days inside of Work From Home Christians is designated to teaching and showing you what to do with your 90 day massive action plan, I will show you what myself and my team are doing and even interview a few of them.

I am sure you are going to love it and the results our team are getting from a 90 day massive action plan. Even if you are reading these posts and watching these videos after it is completed, I know you will find it beneficial.


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