90 Day Action Plan The Thing To Be Careful About

90 Day Action Plan

Your 90 Day Action Plan


90 Day Action Plan Get Real

One of the most exciting things we do in this business is to start a 90 day action plan.

It is the 90 day action plan that helps us to move forward because we have a time limit and goal.

I have just started my new 90 day action plan and I am PUMPED but I am also fighting off the need to do all these other things that bring no value today to what I am doing but instead they stop me from being active.

You can see in this video on my 90 day action what my office looks like and how I may not work in the tidiest space (my office seems to be the one place in the house that everything gets dumped, I think I need a bigger office 😉 ). This is not my ideal work area, I would love for it to be tidier, however it is not too bad and if I spent time tidying, it would take me away from the things I need to do for my 90 day action plan to succeed.

The day you make a decision to do your 90 day action plan, make sure you have already spoken to those people that are going to be affected, if you have done this, then you should have the green light to go for it.

Just remember that as you start your 90 day action plan that more and more opportunities and distractions will come your way.

I have noticed every time I start a 90 day action plan, I see other opportunities and other distractions, it is like I am being tested on whether I am actually serious and really want what I could

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So now think this through for yourself.

Have you made a decision or are you about to make a decision to start a 90 day action plan?

Are you starting to see other things that are taking your attention and causing you to do everything but your 90 day action plan?

What about the amount of effort you are putting in, are you giving your 90 day action plan 100% with the time you have available, or are you allowing these distractions to steal your team and energy?

The number one thing you need to do when you start your 90 day action plan is to prepare mentally, we will go through this in more detail in another post, however to give you a heads up just understand that your 90 day action plan will require you to give 100% for you to get the success you want, NOT 99%.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they are in a 90 day action plan, however when you look at their actual activity, you can easily see that they are not serious. They waste their time and only do the things that they feel comfortable doing.

So look at what you are doing and understand that distraction is not going to work for you when it comes to building your business and using the 90 day action plan as part of your system for building.

Below I have added the video I sent my team today on the 90 day action plan and what to be careful of.

I think you will get something out of it as well.


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