A Reality About Your Dreams

The Reality of Dreams

Today we get to have a heart to heart, just a short little notice to help you understand what it takes to achieve the dreams and desires of your heart.

First understand that they have been given to you by the Almighty, the one who wants you to have the best, some of the dreams you have may seem way too big for you to ever achieve, while others may not seem like a dream at all.

Let me help you to understand that from the smallest dream to the biggest, God wants you to have them. He is not a stingy selfish God. He is always thinking of you and your hearts desires. You are the apple of His eye, the one He delights in and shouts at the top of His voice how wonderful you are. Your dreams are from Him, so if He has given them to you, He will give you the skills and opportunities to learn those skills to achieve your dreams.

Now what I just said is important and you need to understand it. Achieving your dreams does not happen over night, it requires something of you, it requires you having a willingness to grow and develop into the person you need to be.

That may mean that you need to overcome a fear, learn a skill or just get on your face before Him. But in my experience I have found that it is all 3.

We need to learn, we need to be in faith and we need to pray.

Too many people, not just Christians give up on their dreams too easily and I don’t want you to be one of them.

You will need to work and you will need to grow. Nothing worthwhile ever happens without effort and your dreams are worthwhile.

Take 4 minutes now to watch this video.

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