Our site, Work From Home Christians is 100% dedicated to helping everyone know and understand how to run a Christian Home Based Business.

Our purpose in life is to raise up Christian Leaders in the market. Leaders who understand that we are living in a time when the world needs to hear the message of Jesus and being a success in business is a powerful way to open doors for you to speak.

It is our intent is to train and equip you to succeed in business. You will not only learn the skills to succeed as a home business entrepreneur and create the lifestyle you dream of, you will also be positioned to speak the word of God into others lives through your success.

Why will you be able to do this?
Because through your success, doors will open up to speak to people who are looking for the solution that you bring.

Proverbs 18:16 says: “The gift opens the door for the giver…”

The founders of Work From Home Christians:

Hi my name is James Hannan and I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world.

Our passion is working with people who are absolutely serious about working from home and changing their life. We have developed many six figure income earners in many countries.

Below is a little promo people like to use. I thought it says it better than I can. I hope it helps you:

Who is James Hannan?

At the aged of 29, failing in his Corporate Career not having enough money to even buy shoes for his daughters or clothes for his wife, James made a choice that they were going to stop playing around with their home based business and treat it seriously.

After 3 years of failing, not going anywhere and with financial issues climbing, James got the right training and coaching. His business went from paying $800 per month to $10,000 per month in just over a year. With-in two years it doubled again. So James and Kasey went from having no money to go out anywhere, and saving for 2 weeks just to have a cup of coffee out, to having an international lifestyle that has taken them to places like: Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, South Korea, Italy, UK, Germany all over Australia and Main land USA and becoming one of the top 10 continuously since 2003.

Through his coaching, training seminars and one on one development program, James has developed many 6 figure income earners in countries around the world and a business that has, and is, impacting 10′s of thousands of people around the world.

James’ passion is releasing people to be more and achieve more through building successful businesses and personal development. He has helped people break through the baggage that is stopping them from being the best they can be, finanacially, personally, spiritually & mentally. He does this not by himeself but by bringing in the right people to help his team as well.

The training you receive from James is tried and tested by him personally and people all over the world. You will not hear James promote anything that does not work.

James & Kasey are continually coaching and interviewing for new people who would like to start a business from home.

They are passionately committed to God, each other and their children. Home for them is Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.


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