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Learn how God is working through individuals in business

What does God say about opportunity

NLT Proverbs 26:15 “Lazy people take food in their hand but don’t even lift it to their mouths” What does God say about opportunity? Before we start, this revelation is for me and my life, I am sharing it with you in the hope that you may also see breakthrough in any area that you…

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Will you continue to look in the rear view mirror? John 10:10

Are you still looking in the rear view mirror John 10:10 Will you choose to live a life ruled by the thief or by the King? Remember, the thief (the devil) comes to steal kill and destroy, but Jesus comes to give you life and life in abundance. One of the saddest things I hear…

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What Does God Want Me To Do

Have You Ever Wondered What does God want me to do? This must be the question of the ages, “What Does God Want Me To Do?” I hope you don’t mind, but today I am really going to simplify the answer, I know people will say “It is more difficult than that James” and others…

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Self Sufficiency as a Christian

What does Self Sufficiency look like for a Christian working from home? I know the title Self Sufficiency as a christian may be a little weird for a business blog, but when I asked Kasey, my wife what I should write on today, she actually said “Self Sufficiency”. When she did I looked at her…

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James Hannan and His Testimony

James Hannan – God’s Success Story It seems my entire life I have known I was here for a purpose and to do something great. I believe that all of us feel that, just very few of us know how to chase after it.

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getting your breakthrough

The Stages Of Getting Your Breakthrough

Look Forward To Your Breakthrough! OK in this post it is going to be a little different. Normally I try and write a post that has good keyword placement and sometimes that makes it hard to make the article flow.

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home based business problems

Home Based Business Problems To Be Aware Of

Lets Talk About Home Based Business Problems You Will Face And The Solutions The home based business problems you may not be aware of and how to combat them Home based business problems sometimes seem to come out of no where.

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how to become an entrepreneur

The answer to how to become an entrepreneur

How To Become An Entrepreneur Have you ever wondered how to become an entrepreneur? I know I used to look at all these successful people and wonder how to become an entrepreneur myself and enjoy the same lifestyle they enjoy and the same rewards. Let’s be real, when you look at the lifestyle that successful…

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what does God say about Christians in business

What does God say about Christians in business

What does God say about christians in business? The Big question many christians have when they start to feel a desire about entering into business is actually what does God say about Christians in business? First you need to understand that God wants Christians in business, He does not want everyone sitting on the sidelines…

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how do i find my purpose

Someone Tell Me How Do I Find My Purpose

Find My Purpose… Find my purpose and find your life or find Your purpose and find Your life… Have you ever said to yourself you want to “I want to find my purpose”? Well today let’s talk about how to “find my purpose”.

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