How to make a news years resolution that works

How to make new years resolutions that work

How to make new years resolutions that workHow to make a news years resolution that works

Did you know, of course you did, that most new years resolutions fail?

The big question is WHY!

People get started with the right intentions but somewhere along the way, things fall down and the desire for change gets replaced with excuses and justification that everything is OK and you are happy with the way things are.

You get stuck believing the lie that things don’t need to change and it is all too hard. Continue reading “How to make a news years resolution that works”

Do you really need to pray about it

Do you need to pray about it

Do you need to pray about itDo you really need to pray about it…

I know this is going to be one of those really articles that really puts that cat amongst the pigeons so to speak.

Every christian wants to say and believe they are doing the right thing and that

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they are hearing from God when they make a decision (I know at least I do).

However one of the interesting things I have found is that sometimes our “Hearing from God” or our “need to pray about it” can be an excuse and a smoke screen to not actually step out in faith. Continue reading “Do you really need to pray about it”

What does God say about YOU and YOUR future?

What does God say

What does God sayWhat does God say about You and Your future?

We have a plan and a future because of God’s intentionality.

I remember very clearly one day when I was 11 years old, I answered the phone and on the other end was a man with a strong American accent. It was a Pastor friend of my Dads but my father wasn’t home so I asked if I could take a message.

He gave me a message but it wasn’t for my Dad, he told me it was for me. Continue reading “What does God say about YOU and YOUR future?”

How do I find my purpose

how do i find my purpose

how do i find my purposeHow do you find your purpose?

In one of our previous posts we answered the question what is market place ministry, or we started the process of answering it.

I have been a christian since 1990, and in that time no one question has come up more or been more prevalent in people’s conversations than “What am I supposed to do…?”

It really is the cry of every believers heart, they want to do what God wants them to do and they are afraid they will miss His purpose for their lives.

This fear for many people has stopped them dead in their tracks from doing anything. Continue reading “How do I find my purpose”

Can you really make money working from home

can you really make money from home

can you really make money from homeAnswer the big question, Can you really make money from home?

I know this a question that you must be thinking, you came to our page/website because a thought or desire in inside of you to have the freedom that only working from home can bring.

However if you like me and many other people, you are more than likely quite skeptical about the whole concept.

You have probably been reading all of those get rich quick schemes that you see advertised on the internet or skimmed over those professionally written sales letters that promise you the earth but when you buy them, all you get given is less money in your bank account. Continue reading “Can you really make money working from home”

What is market place ministry

market place ministry

market place ministryWhat is market place ministry

I have to say I am excited. The question “What is market place ministry” is finally being answered, not by theologians in their bible schools but by christian men and woman who have the courage to believe in God, Chase the dream He has placed in their heart and make a success of their lives.

It is a sad thought that many successful christians still have to “justify” their success. They are made to feel bad because they are successful and somebody else isn’t. Continue reading “What is market place ministry”

The Double Minded Deception

double minded

double mindedHave you ever noticed those people who can never make up their mind, it seems that they are afraid to make a decision, a decision that could be the best thing that that have ever done for their lives?

Instead of making a decision that moves them forward in the plan that God has for their lives, they stay locked in place and too afraid to do anything.

I call this the “Double Minded Deception”. Continue reading “The Double Minded Deception”

Sometimes you just have to choose and move

Work From Home Christians

Work From Home ChristiansChoose and move…It is YOUR choice…

One of the biggest things I have learnt in business is this…

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“choose and move”.

Too many times we allow double minded behaviour to cloud our thinking and stop us from moving into the fullness that God has for us.

I have seen many people who have the desire to achieve great things but never move and chase that desire because they are afraid that they may fail. Continue reading “Sometimes you just have to choose and move”

My Old Shirt

James Hannan My Old Shirt - Christian Home Based Business

Holding On To The Old Or Going After The New.James Hannan My Old Shirt - Christian Home Based Business

Today was a big day for me.

2003 was when everything changed for us. Our income doubled and our business took off.

We had the privilege of moving into a very high position within our business and our lives have never been the same since.

In that year we got to go to the USA (which we have been to many times since) to celebrate the success we had achieved and be recognised for our efforts.

We went to a convention in Dallas Texas (Yes I know why would we go to Dallas hahaha) but we had a great time. Continue reading “My Old Shirt”