Pro 4:7 Christian Wisdom in Business

What role does wisdom play in business

Do you know the scripture Pro 4:7 “Wisdom is the principle thing….” it is a powerful scripture that for us as business owners or budding entrepreneurs should speak volumes to what we need to be doing to have the success we desire.

I believe Solomon had wisdom before he even asked for it, because to ask for it, showed he had wisdom. And look how God blessed him. Continue reading “Pro 4:7 Christian Wisdom in Business”

How To Increase Your Sales

how to increase salesHow To Increase Your Sales – Matt 7: 28-29

As with everything we write and do here on Work From Home Christians – Christian Business Opportunities site, we want to give you scripture and references to help you see things a little differently and hopefully encourage you in business and life.

Have you ever noticed that two people can get started in business, they may both have the same skill level but one out shines the other dramatically? Continue reading “How To Increase Your Sales”

How do you make money on facebook

how to make money on facebook

how to make money on facebookHow do you make money on facebook 

Have you ever wondered how to make money on facebook? I know I used to, it wasn’t until I started to look a little deeper into facebook and how it really works that I was surprised to find it is not that hard.

Making money on facebook is one of those mind snapping anomalies that you are not going to get at first. The reason is, because it is too simple.

People get stuck in the rut thinking that everything has to be hard, when in actual fact it is quite simple, you just have to be prepared to work and actually use the skills you have already. That’s right, the skills you already have will be enough for you to make money on facebook.

So let’s talk about what I have learned so far from my research and the application of that research. Continue reading “How do you make money on facebook”

Make Money with Facebook Chat

make money on facebook

make money on facebookHow do you make money on facebook

So many people I know want to make money using facebook, but they don’t realise how powerful the facebook chat area really is, so today I am going to expand on another post I did which gave you 12 powerful questions to ask people you are chatting with on facebook.

First I want you to understand that this one component I am about to give you is one of the most effective and powerful strategies you or anyone else can start to use with your facebook marketing, and the best thing about it, is it’s free.

It allows any person who is prepared to put some effort in and learn a new skill develop a business and gain results. Continue reading “Make Money with Facebook Chat”

12 Powerful Questions To Prospect On Facebook

12 questions for prospecting on facebook

12 questions for prospecting on facebookFirst I want to answer this one question…How do you prospect on facebook?

It seems many people are caught up in the belief that there is some kind of mystical way to prospect on facebook.

They think they need to learn this hidden secret and once they learn it, then all of their questions will be answered and their income will grow and their business will thrive.

They look at facebook as the goose that will lay the golden egg, but instead of feeding and nurturing the goose to get it to continue to lay those precious little nuggets, they get frustrated and paralysed in their efforts. Continue reading “12 Powerful Questions To Prospect On Facebook”

3 Keys to the Facebook Marketing Funnel

The 3 undeniable rules of facebook marketing

The 3 undeniable rules of facebook marketing3 Keys to the Facebook Marketing Funnel

The more I use facebook the more I love it. It has totally enhanced the way I build my business and is allowing us to tap into new markets, markets that have never been broken before and it is making it easier and more profitable and this is happening because of the facebook marketing funnel.

I am not going to say that I have all the answers

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to facebook yet, if anyone is saying this they are lying and should be ignored.

I am however seeing amazing results, results that you can receive as well if you are prepared to follow a system. Continue reading “3 Keys to the Facebook Marketing Funnel”

Facebook Marketing – Be ready for change

facebook marketing
Understand that facebook is continually changing

As we start on this journey of learning how to market on facebook and generate an income from this monolith of a community, I want to make sure you understand one simple yet important thing before we even start…

Facebook is constantly changing, it is always evolving and you can not expect it to stay the same.

That being said, if you make a decision that facebook is going to be part of your marketing program, then you need to be very flexible and prepared to spend the time learning about the changes facebook make so that you and your business is not adversely affected.

I believe for every business, facebook has opened a whole new world of opportunity. Continue reading “Facebook Marketing – Be ready for change”

Free facebook marketing training

Free facebook marketing training

Free facebook marketing trainingGet your free facebook marketing training in this series.

How do I market on facebook?

OK let’s start talking about how you market on facebook.

Facebook has become one of the most exciting new areas of business I have been a part of. It has been a “transformation point” for the way we build our business and connect with people, not only prospects but our clients and business partners as well.

I used to believe that marketing on facebook was a waste of time. I remember my friends being on there and me thinking…”What are you doing, why aren’t you building your business…” Continue reading “Free facebook marketing training”

How can I make money from home

how can i make money from home

OK Let’s answer the question: “How can I make money from home”?

This one question would be the number one question that people ask, including christians. Everyone asks themselves this question at some point: “How can I make money from home”.how can i make money from home

And it is a valid question.

First let me address something here. There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. Money is an essential part of living. Even Jesus needed a gold coin to pay his taxes, so you need money as well.

So make sure you are not judging people who ask this question how can I make money from home?

There are a few things for you to understand first. Continue reading “How can I make money from home”

Marketing 101


Have you ever wondered why companies like google, Facebook & Linkedin make so much money? Think about it, they are not selling anything, their services are free so how do they make all those billions?marketing

I saw this picture on Facebook and it said it better than I could have.

“If you’re not paying for it, your not the customer, you’re the product being sold”.

Allow that to sink in a little… Continue reading “Marketing 101”