How To Go From Vision Statement To Results

vision statement

vision statementVision Statement Errors.

I know over the last week we have been doing a lot on how to write a vision statement and why you should have a vision statement.

Today will more than likely be the last time I write on a Vision Statement for a while as we need to move more into the things that support you in the development of your business and getting results. Please remember that having a vision statement gives you energy and clarity. Continue reading “How To Go From Vision Statement To Results”

Christian Mission Statement vs Non Christian Mission Statement

Christian Mission Statement

Christian Mission StatementChristian Mission Statement

Should a Christian Mission Statement be any different to someone who is not a christian?

I think this is a great question and relative to everyone who pretty much reads this blog, because I would think you are either a Christian or are interested in the Christian way of life so understand a Christian Mission Statement is a good idea. Continue reading “Christian Mission Statement vs Non Christian Mission Statement”

What Is A Vision And Mission Statement – This maybe a little controversial

Vision and mission statement

Vision and mission statementIs there any difference between a vision and mission statement is probably more of a common question.

So let’s answer the question today is there any difference between a vision and mission statement?

To understand if there is any difference between a vision and mission statement you need to first realise that so called experts are the ones who make up names and explanations, and I think sometimes it is these so called experts who confuse us all into thinking that there is some higher meaning to everything, but in my mind, when it comes to understanding the difference between a vision and mission statement, THERE ISN’T ANY!!! Continue reading “What Is A Vision And Mission Statement – This maybe a little controversial”

Take My Personal Vision Statement Example

Vision Statement Example

Vision Statement ExampleMy Personal Vision Statement example is

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Take my Vision Statement Examples And Create Your Own.

Creating your own vision statement can be one of the most empowering and exciting things you do for your business and your life.

Something wonderful happens when you have your own personal vision statement but the wonder only happens when you actually read it and read it out loud. Continue reading “Take My Personal Vision Statement Example”

Write your vision down

Write your vision down

Hab 2: 2-3 is such an amazing scripture. Within those 2 verses hold powerful teaching on life and business for not just Christians but for everyone.

“Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision and make it plain on tablets. That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.” Continue reading “Write your vision down”

Why is WHY so important

I have 3 beautiful children that are growing up way too fast. They all had a stage when they were little when all they would ask was ‘why?’…over and over and over!! Small children ask the question Why? approximately 18,000 times a day!

When you start your home business and continue to build it, there is one thing above all other things that you need to have clarity on in your heart and mind.

This thing is your WHY. Why is one of the most compelling words because it makes us think.

So many people focus on WHAT and HOW but they fail to ask the important question of WHY. Continue reading “Why is WHY so important”

How do I find my purpose

how do i find my purpose

how do i find my purposeHow do you find your purpose?

In one of our previous posts we answered the question what is market place ministry, or we started the process of answering it.

I have been a christian since 1990, and in that time no one question has come up more or been more prevalent in people’s conversations than “What am I supposed to do…?”

It really is the cry of every believers heart, they want to do what God wants them to do and they are afraid they will miss His purpose for their lives.

This fear for many people has stopped them dead in their tracks from doing anything. Continue reading “How do I find my purpose”