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Christian Leaders In Business

Christian Leaders In Business As I was praying I was really wanting to hear from God on what He wanted me to write on. There are so many topics but knowing which ones can sometimes be a little daunting, so getting God involved and getting His direction makes things so much easier.

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Is NutriVerus Really As Good As They Are Saying

NutriVerus and your body. NutriVerus is creating a lot of hype around the industry and the globe. Nutriverus is being heralded as a ground breaking new technology for the wellness industry, a product set to totally transform the way we all look at vitamins, minerals and supplements, and quite frankly the more I read, the…

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Mannatech Scam or worlds greatest opportunity

Mannatech Scam or something not to be missed! I have been working from home now for over 14 years and all that time I have been with the same company, Mannatech.

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sam caster social entrepreneur

Sam Caster Social Entrepreneur Is He For Real

Social Entrepreneur Sam Caster – The Truth Behind The Man Social Entrepreneur Sam Caster is fast becoming one of the biggest champions for the Social Entrepreneur Revolution that is hitting the global market place. Through his visionary leadership, not only to Make without true shea this overnight new… the company he founded but also…

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The Go Giver By Bob Burg

How The Go Giver by Bob Burg Changed My Opinion

The Go Giver by Bob Burg is revolutionary Every once in a while a book comes along that challenges but also inspires and that is what The Go Giver did for me. It is a book that grabbed my heart and spoke to my very being as I realised that what Bob Burg speaks about…

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The First Thing Jim Rohn Taught Me

Jim Rohn – Don’t Wish Things Were Easier Wish That You Were Better Jim Rohn was one of the first business trainers/leaders I actually had the privilege to listen to when I first got started in home based business and working from home. Jim Rohn‘s words spoke to me even though I didn’t really know…

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