Christian Leaders In Business

Christian Leaders In Business

As I was praying I was really wanting to hear from God on what He wanted me to write on.

There are so many topics but knowing which ones can sometimes be a little daunting, so getting God involved and getting His direction makes things so much easier.

As always, we want to make sure that all the content we give you is valuable content, content that you can walk away from our site with and use and feel as though it was worth your time plus also you would want to share it with the people you know.

So as I was talking (actually pleading with God) about what He wanted me to write on, He just gently told me to tell My people about My people.

I got to thinking about why we need to hear about His people and I realised that in business one of the best things we could ever do in marketing, is share the success stories of our clients and or business partners.

And so I felt as though God wanted you to hear that you are not alone and He is already blazing a trail with His people.

His people are already doing great things and creating powerful results.

Many people look at the world and only see non Christians succeeding or non christians putting up their hands saying “hey look what I can do”.

However the reality is that there are multitudes of Jesus loving Christians who are succeeding as well, however because they are humble you just don’t hear from them and in my mind there is a small problem with that.

In Revelations 12: 1 it says: They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

So if part of our success comes from sharing

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our testimony, it seems to me that i t is time to start sharing those testimonies of people who caregiving the glory to God.

So in this section of “Successful Christians”, you get to read about and sometimes listen to the stories of what they did and how they did it.

Some of them you will know and some you won’t, either way it doesn’t matter, what matters is that God is alive and working today in the market place and He wants to work in you, you just have to let him.

Of course you will always hear that just sitting around does not get results that you are going to want to tell people about, you will always have to act and move on what you are being directed to move on.

However you will be able to use these testimonies and stories to help you propel yourself forward and grow your own business.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I am sure you do as well.

We all love to hear about the dreams, the struggles and then the reward and that is what you will hear from the testimonies we share with you in this area.

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