Christian Mission Statement vs Non Christian Mission Statement

Christian Mission StatementChristian Mission Statement

Should a Christian Mission Statement be any different to someone who is not a christian?

I think this is a great question and relative to everyone who pretty much reads this blog, because I would think you are either a Christian or are interested in the Christian way of life so understand a Christian Mission Statement is a good idea.

To me I think maybe that the question about a christian mission statement is back to front.

I do not believe that a Christian Mission Statement should be any different to a non christian mission statement because I believe that everyone should be using what we as Christians do as their example.

God should be the centre of everything we do, not some mysticism but the real, living, loving God.

He has a wonderful plan for you and so your christian mission statement is important to be one that actually leads others to Him.

Your life as a Christian needs to be one that when others look at it that see His blessing.

This does not mean that you are rich in finances but more importantly that you are rich in generosity.

There is a difference.

I have some amazing people who do not have much, but you can see their christian mission statement in everything they do.

They give what they can when they can and they don’t hold back.

They give money, time, emotion and prayer.

When you write your christian mission statement, write it in a way that makes God the centre and His people important.

In my own personal mission statement, I include the purpose He gave me to raise up kings in the market place so that none perish.

This means that I HAVE to be outwardly focused and thinning about His people, because I can not fullfil His purpose for my life without.

So it doesn’t need to be different, it needs to lead, it needs to be the example that non christians look at and say : “thats what I need to do” and then you live that example through love and the ethics for which you live your life.

Again if you have not seen my mission statement example, check out that link and you will see how I wrote mine and I believe and pray it will help you with your Christian Mission Statement.

Remember be the one who leads others to Christ through your example and the way you live your life and build your business.

Keep laziness and selfishness out.

If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom

christian mission statement
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