Pro 4:7 Christian Wisdom in Business

What role does wisdom play in business

Do you know the scripture Pro 4:7 “Wisdom is the principle thing….” it is a powerful scripture that for us as business owners or budding entrepreneurs should speak volumes to what we need to be doing to have the success we desire.

I believe Solomon had wisdom before he even asked for it, because to ask for it, showed he had wisdom. And look how God blessed him.

Now think about it for your life and business. Actually think about it for every area of your life. Family, friends etc. How would having more wisdom benefit you? Would there be less fights, would your children listen more, what about your business, could you get more sales and make more profits?

As Christians, we are to look at the Bible as our instruction manual in all areas of life. God does not hold anything back from us, He has given us everything we need and all the answers, we just need to seek.

Too many people want it all handed to them on a silver platter, wishing that they would just be able to sit and watch TV all day and not have to do anything.

This is not the way things work. We are to SEEK after wisdom, it is more precious than precious gems.

So ask yourself this question, are you spending the time to seek after wisdom, by reading His word, reading books on the

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subject, attending training events, listening to people who have been where you want to go and done what you need to do?

Unfortunately, I hear many Christians say that they shouldn’t have to do all that, where the bible is very clear that we NEED to if we want to have the success we desire.











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