Clarity Dispels Confusion part 1/2

Have you ever woken up one morning and looked at everything you need to do and just wondered “where do I start”?

You do your “to do list” that seems to go on forever, you have the best intentions to get it all done, however the next thing you notice is that it is, 500pm, dinner needs to be prepared, kids need to be taken to sporting events or after school activities and then homework needs to be done.

You look down at the all important list and realise that you got NOTHING DONE!!!

I know this all too well.

Because I work from home, I generally help out in everything, it is the reason I wanted a business that I could run from home. I wanted to be with my wife and kids. The problem is, there are just some days, where everything just gets away from me, however I have found 2 main reasons why this happens and why I feel like a failure when the day is over and my to do list has had nothing crossed off.

It is because I have TOO MUCH TO DO!!!

Now you may be thinking you feel like this all the time.

So many things to do and so little time to do them.

Let me help you, the things I am about to share with you, have totally transformed the way I work and have helped me triple the amount I can get done, especially when I compare (and yes I do compare my results to others, I know I probably shouldn’t) my output to others.

The first thing I have learnt is “Clarity”. Knowing what I want and what is important.

It is when I have clarity I can get a lot more done.

I was speaking to one of my amazing team leaders yesterday and they were telling me they have so much to do and nothing gets done. They didn’t know why.

I asked them to tell me all the things on their list.

After an hour they finally finished…just kidding…but they did have a lot of things on their list, things that did not need to be there.

What I noticed is that they had added all these things to the list that they didn’t need to do.

They had put less emphasis on the things that created them momentum and income and more emphasis on the things that produced nothing…

They had this perception that because they had a little bit of success or because they saw other people doing something, that they should do it as well.

I explained that “MAYBE” in the future they should do those things, however at this time, while your business is growing and growing rapidly, now is not the time to do new things, now is the time to increase the things you are doing that are getting results and decrease the things that are not.

Trying to do things that they did not know or have the time for, was just a waste.

Follow the system, it works and so does the activity you have been doing.

This gave them clarity and focus. The confusion was gone and the productivity went up.

Let me tell you something, the number one way to stop growth in your business is to have confusion. If people do not know what to do, they won’t do anything or they will do non productive activity.

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