Does Tribepro Work

Does Tribepro WorkTribepro… does it work or not?


Have you heard of Tribepro?

Have you been asking the question is Tribepro works? I know I have…So I thought I would do some testing and get a real read on whether or not tribepro is worth the investment and whether or not tribepro actually works.

I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting money, especially when God has given it to me to be a good steward with. In the past we have wasted over $100,000 on stuff that we really shouldn’t have, when we could have used that money in so many other ways that would have been a blessing to other people. However before building our business, we never had money so we didn’t have the wisdom to know how to use it correctly, thank God that He is a gracious God and is willing to teach us. So now I am more aware of what I do with the money we have and it is why I wanted to test to see if tribepro actually works or not.

Before I get started I want to point out that Work From Home Christians is a VERY new site that I have hardly worked on. I am only just starting the process now to make sure it climbs in the rankings and drives traffic.

The is the PERFECT site to a test on for tribepro because the traffic is low. Over the next few months you will see Work From Home Christians sky rocket in traffic and rankings and I will be showing you what I am doing.

I have run this test over a 7 day period, it is only short but I think the results are speaking for themselves and we can get a good idea on whether tribepro actually works or not.

So this is what I did:

  1. Firstly I needed to make sure that if tribepro did work, that I could see the growth, so I installed Google Analytics to track my stats.
  2. Second I stopped sending emails to my list when I wrote a new blog post, this way I was not sending traffic myself, for me to get a true gauge on whether tribepro worked or not, I needed it to be “organic”.
  3. I started to write keyword dense articles/posts
  4. I did a video for each post
  5. And I think the most important thing I did was write something every day.
  6. I made sure that I was syndicating everyone that was syndicating me inside of tribepro.
  7. I made sure that my onlywire account was up to date so that there would be nothing that would hinder this test with tribepro.

Does tribepro workThis is what I found, and the results are exciting on a SMALL scale because as I said earlier Work From Home Christians is a very new site.

First you can see in the image below, that traffic is slowly starting to climb and as I add more and more keyword rich articles, it is obvious what is going to happen.

Second I started to generate leads, that is everyones goal.

Third I didn’t do anything else except write articles and allow tribepro to promote them for me.

So in conclusion I believe that tribepro does work however you have to be committed. Don’t think that writing an article per week or month is

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going to change the world for you, as with anything it is about daily habits.

I would also recommend using tribepro if you have the cash to spare, yes there are other things you can do to generate more traffic, however I do believe that tribepro is something that every professional marketer should be using.


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