Dominate Marketing As A Christian Part 1

Dominate Marketing As A Christian (Part 1 – If you want to see part 2. Go here: Dominate Marketing – Celebration Luke 15:1 (1/1)

Don’t you love it when the Lord opens up His word to you to give you answers to questions you have been having.

I was sitting in church listening to one of the great men of God preach that we have in our church. He was giving a brilliant message on The Parable of the Lost Sheep and The Parable of the Lost Coin. Luke 15:1 …

But as he was preaching, I was seeing something totally different to everyone else, while everyone is hearing (well I think they were hearing what he had to say, they may have been thinking about what they are going to have for lunch as well… lol ) what he had to say and thinking about God searching and celebrating when a lost soul comes to Him.

I was thinking about how this scripture, Luke 15 relates to us in business, and it does in a very powerful way. God’s word opens up to us especially if we are prepared to search and wait on Him.

He showed me that this scripture is a great example of how we as christian business people search for clients and strategies.

Do we put the time effort and energy in to seek or do we go…oh that is just too hard!

Unfortunately I see it too many times, my brothers and sisters in the Lord saying that things are just too hard and so they don’t move forward, they move back…

However if we think about this scripture we see that the person looking for the coin or the sheep were prepared

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to do whatever it took to find them because they were valuable.

Think about that for a moment, “They were valuable…” Anything that is valuable takes effort to find and retrieve, so why should we think that success is anything different.

Be prepared to put the effort in to find you clients, develop your skills and increase your talents.

It will be worth it.

Jesus shows us what to do if we are prepared to listen.

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