Dominate Marketing as a Christian Part 2

Luke 15:1 – The Mystery Of CELEBRATION

I just had to continue on from yesterdays post and video, if you didn’t see it, make sure you head over to Dominate Marketing As A Christian Part 1

Today I wanted to talk about one thing that most people don’t talk about in their marketing and it is the process of celebration and what celebration will do for your marketing efforts if you include it in them.

I think I say it better in the video than I do in by typing it here, so make sure you watch the video below and leave us a comment.

I do want to say though that if you want your christian business to really flourish and grow, you need to incorporate celebration.

Jesus was celebrating all the time and with His prospects and clients. Remember that, celebration is a part of life, so make it a part of your business as well.

Leave a comment before you go, let us know your thoughts and any ideas you have on this topic as well. 










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