Using facebook for business Day 2 Facebook Marketing Tips: 4 things you need to do right now

facebook marketing tips

Facebook Marketing Tips | Using Your About Me, Commenting, The Globe & IM

Facebook Marketing Tips: Today I am going to give you some huge facebook marketing tips and the first one saved me a HEAP of time made what I do on facebook so much easier to maintain and manage.Facebook Marketing Tips Day 2 – Your About Me, Instant Message, Commenting & The Globe

Just like you I am always looking for facebook marketing tips that not only make me money, but save time and help me get a better result. And todays facebook marketing tips do all of that.

Remember that a facebook marketing tip is worth nothing to you if you don’t do anything with it.

So take action with what you learn today, don’t put it off.

This course is designed to be broken up into bite sized pieces and can be managed easily if you do the things we suggest daily.

Each of our Facebook marketing tips work together to create a bigger and better experience in your marketing.

So have fun and enjoy what you do, we want to help you see that marketing is fun and results can be yours, just by following simple steps.

So let’s get into today’s Facebook marketing tips:

Facebook Marketing Tips 1: “Your About Me”

This may seem to many people obvious, but I can almost guarantee that even if we see it as obvious, nothing has been done to change it.

One of the things to understand about your prospects is that “THEY ARE CHECKING YOU OUT” before they contact you.

They are going to your “about me” area on Facebook to find out who you and what they can about you and your beliefs.

So if you don’t have anything in your About Me section or worse have something in there that is negative, you can be doing a lot of work to gain clients but this one section will be pushing them away.

A good example is if your business has to do with a family or children.

Look at your posts and your about me and you will see whether or not what you have is attractive or not.

Many people instead of encouraging or sympathising with others, they become a critic or judgemental over other people and comment that way.

Facebook Marketing Tips 2: “Commenting”

So when people see their comment, instead of seeing a person that they want to hang around or buy something from, they see someone they want to stay away from and definitely don’t want their children to be associated with them.

Your comments should always be focused on “How can I bring value to this person and make them feel as though I care and THEY matter?”

Ask yourself these questions and you will find that you will become the person that other people want to hear from, rather than someone they don’t.

Remember Facebook marketing tips are about you making other people feel good, not bad.

Facebook Marketing Tips 3: “The Globe”

Do you like the idea of saving time and not filling up your email inbox with a heap of things you don’t need to see or read?

Well you are going to love the Facebook Globe.

The Facebook globe is one of my favourite Facebook marketing tips because it is simple and it immediately shows a result.

The Facebook globe shows you when someone responds or does something that you maybe interested in knowing.

Instead of you receiving an email saying that your friend commented on your post, you will see a number up on the globe telling you the same thing.

So keep an eye on your globe and when there are numbers there, it is a message to you saying that someone has done something that maybe of interest to you.

You can then click on it to see what has happened.

I hope you like this one as much as I do, I didn’t know this one existed until Naomi showed it to me but I love it lol

Facebook Marketing Tips 4: “The Instant Message”

Have you ever wondered how you can connect with someone you have not connected with in a very long time.

You know the people I am talking about. People you went to school with etc.

With the Facebook Instant Message application you can start building relationships again, relationships that actually mean something.

You may look at these Facebook marketing tips and think they are very basic and you would be right.

Our Facebook marketing tips are not meant to be hard, yes we will be giving you some quite advanced processors, however we know and believe that if what we give you is simple, you are more than likely more prepared to do something with them than if they were hard.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows Facebook marketing tip.

Yesterdays tip on free facebook marketing tips is here

If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom


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