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Free Network MarketingFree Network Marketing Company… Are you kidding???

One of the most interesting requests I have heard how do I find a Free Network Marketing Company.

Why do I find people wanting a free network marketing company interesting?

Well it is because if you think about this logically, a Free Network Marketing Company means you make NO MONEY!!!

Let me give you a heads up about why you don’t want a free network marketing company:

You see in network marketing, you get paid for the movement of products, if there is no movement of products then there can be no money paid. Yes there are some things (I won’t call them companies) that you can join and you just put money in, but these are a scam and are called a pyramid.

Every Network Marketing Company that is worth joining has a cost associated with it, why, because it enables you and your brand new people to make money immediately.

You see when you have to pay money to get started in a network marketing company, usually a commission is paid out to the person who introduced you, this is a great way for a brand new people to start earning quickly and sometimes these bonuses can be quite lucrative, especially if they are attached to “Power Type Bonuses” that pay out when a certain structure or amount is attained.

So you need to ask yourself this question, Do you want to make money up front or not, or would you prefer to wait a long time before you actually earn anything?

Free Network Marketing Companies generally remove the opportunity for you or anyone else to make big money in your first 2 -3 months.

So do your homework first and some soul searching, remember you are getting involved in business and in business nothing is free, there is always a cost. You need to be ready to spend money to make money. You have to be prepared to remove the fear of losing money and replace it with the excitement of making money.


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Free Network Marketing

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