Find Me Free Network Marketing Leads

Free Network Marketing Leads…Find Me Free Network Marketing Leads

Everyone should know how to generate Free Network Marketing Leads, it’s not that hard, in fact the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

When I first entered the Network Marketing Business arena, the thought of paying for leads didn’t even enter my thoughts, every lead I ever generated was free, it only ever took a smile and some confidence, however it seems today that with the introduction of “gurus” and “The Internet” (yes neither of these were that prevalent when I started and I am only 40 as I write this article lol – I know I don’t look it…no comments thanks 😉 ) some mystical fog has been placed over this God given ability that we all have.

You see you already have all that it takes to generate Free Network Marketing Leads, yes I do believe that you can get better, however don’t put this pressure on yourself that you need to become some kind of internet guru or technology genius to succeed in Network Marketing, you don’t!!!

So how do you generate Free Network Marketing Leads?

Let’s start offline first on how to find free network marketing leads:

Now I know you maybe thinking “Offline, I don’t want to learn the offline stuff on how to find free network marketing leads, it doesn’t work or I can’t do it”.

The reason you are thinking this way is the exact reason I need to deal with this first.

Offline marketing, or dealing with people you know and/or meet is one of the most exciting things you can ever do in your business. Remember you are not in Network Marketing to sell a product/service once, you are in it to develop life long business partners and clients, people that will stay with you and it is almost impossible to do this with just doing things online and never actually meeting your people.

There is something amazing that happens when two people connect and the most you connect the stronger the relationship grows and it becomes harder for a person to leave you for a competitor.

Trying to do this just through emails etc doesn’t happen.

One of the most powerful tools you have in your business building arsenal to find Free Network Marketing Leads is your smile, I know you maybe thinking “my smile…what are you talking about!!!” but it is true. Think about this for a moment, what do you do if someone smiles at you? Generally you smile back, don’t you?

It is one of the greatest ice breakers there is, especially a genuine heart felt one.

The next thing is to learn how to ask questions, questions about the individual you are speaking to. The most questions you ask (in a genuine way) the more likely you will be able to develop a relationship.

The thing to remember is that not every person you connect with is right for your product and or business, so don’t start connecting with people just to sell them something, they will pick up on this, be interested in them and not just in your back pocket. If you go into this with a servants heart, you will have better results and always be able to find free network marketing leads.

But what about anOnline way to find free network marketing leads I can hear you asking?

Well believe it or not it is very similar. You want to make your prospects smile and feel comfortable with you, you want them to believe that you can give to them what it is they are looking for.

Facebook is one of my favourite places to find free network marketing leads, my team and I use it every day to do this and it is not only fun it is very rewarding as well.

When you first got started in network marketing, you were more than likely be told to make a

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list. Well guess what…facebook already has that list for you if you are on it and using it. You can generate as many free network marketing leads as you will ever need just by connecting with the people you have known throughout the years, old school friends, family, contacts, sports contacts etc etc.

You don’t need to go on there and start shouting from the roof tops what you do, again just connect with them and start building relationships. Ask them what they do now, where they live, what they love to do for holidays etc etc.

More than likely you will find they have a need for what you have if you are prepared to take the time to ask them about THEM!!!


If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 We want to help you find free network marketing leads.

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