Day 1 Using Facebook For Business: Free Facebook Marketing Training Ecourse

free facebook marketing trainingFree Facebook Marketing Training

We are going to give you some Free Facebook Marketing Training in this series. We will cover many different areas of building on facebook starting from your own personal profile. The key to this free facebook marketing training is for you to follow our instructions and implement what you learn as soon as you learn it.

It is unfortunate that most people learn something like this free facebook marketing training course and don’t do anything with it. We hope that you are not one of those people.

We pray that you are blessed and that God shows you what to do and how to do it so that you have sweatless victory and you have the lifestyle you dream.

This free facebook marketing training that will be giving you, is powerful and even though you have not had to pay for it, please don’t take it for granted.

In todays free facebook marketing training module we are going to talk about 4 areas.

1. Free Facebook Marketing Tip: Your Facebook Profile Photo:

You have to remember that first impressions matter and they last. People remember how you make them feel and the photo you are using as your profile photo has a direct impact on their response.

Many people make the mistake of using a cartoon character or even a photo that portrays them as a serious no fun type of person.

The first thing we want you to understand in this free facebook marketing training course is that facebook is a place to be social.

So think about what people like when they attend an event, are they looking for someone to be serious or someone to be fun?

Of course fun.

So when you understand that facebook is a “social network” doesn’t it stand to reason that the way you are presented should be a fun “life giving person”, not an animated character who is afraid to show themselves or a serious person who looks like they need to sit on the toilet few about a month?

2. Free Facebook Marketing Tip: Your Facebook Cover Photo (the big photo at the top):

Use this spot as a way to show and promote what you are offering. Of course you can’t sell anything on this photo, however as the saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousands words”. I use lifestyle shots on my profile, shots that show that yes we have a lifestyle and we can show you how to have one as well.

So your Cover Photo should link to who you are promoting yourself to be.

3.Free Facebook Marketing Tip: Your Facebook Persona (how you will be perceived)

I know many people when they are watching this free facebook marketing course will be feeling very uncomfortable especially after they read this part, because many people instead of being someone who brings life on facebook, they bring death or negativity. Please remember that people have enough negativity going on in their lives they don’t need yours.

Instead be the person that puts up good positive quotes, recommendations, help, fun & lifestyle.

Remember attraction marketing is not some mystical thing that happens because you had a thought, it happens because people find you and see that you are a person worth being around because you make them feel good.

People will remember how you made them feel long after they remember what you said.

4. Free Facebook Marketing Tip: Your Facebook Distraction:

I wanted to make a quick note on what would be the greatest struggle that most facebook marketers have when they first start out. This one thing stops them dead in their tracks and they never move on…Facebook games and apps…

If there is one thing and one thing only you learn from this free facebook marketing training, DON’T get stuck playing stupid time consuming, life sapping games. They steal your productivity time and your future.  yes they can be fun, however they don’t bring value to your life.

So be careful as you start your facebook marketing career. Stay focused and get results.

So now watch the video below as part of this free facebook marketing course and then once you have done that, leave a comment and then go and put into practice what you have learnt.

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If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom

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  1. Some good facebook tips, James. I think I need to change my profile image after listening to you.

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