Free facebook marketing training

Free facebook marketing trainingGet your free facebook marketing training in this series.

How do I market on facebook?

OK let’s start talking about how you market on facebook.

Facebook has become one of the most exciting new areas of business I have been a part of. It has been a “transformation point” for the way we build our business and connect with people, not only prospects but our clients and business partners as well.

I used to believe that marketing on facebook was a waste of time. I remember my friends being on there and me thinking…”What are you doing, why aren’t you building your business…”

Now I put complete facebook marketing campaigns together, campaigns that fill our inbox with red hot prospects who buying our

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products and asking how they can do the same as what we do.

When I learnt (and I am still learn because it is always changing) facebook marketing it was like all the lights came on at once.

At first I was very hesitant about going from the way I have always done it to trying something new, something that was so out of the normal for our industry and team.

Have you ever heard the saying: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”.

And even though our business is fantastic and we have the most amazing team of social entrepreneurs, I knew it was time for change, time to take things from great to AMAZING.

Facebook marketing is one part of the system that has allowed us to do this.

The big question you need to ask yourself when you start incorporating facebook marketing into what you do is, “What is going to be my focus”?

Even though the word “Focus” is only 5 letters it is one of the most powerful words in the world. It is the reason why people succeed.

The ones that succeed know that focus is the key, they know to push away distractions and follow through on what they need to do.

In this series on facebook marketing, your focus is going to be the key.

You will need to focus on each new aspect you introduce to your program and then analyse what you see.

It is not enough to start a marketing program, to really understand if what you are doing works, you need to analyse…

This is one the area most people fall down in. They start their campaign or their activity and don’t test it each step of the way.

It is the one thing that makes the difference between a successful campaign and an unsuccessful one.

So my suggestion to you today is that you subscribe to our ecourse and keep an eye out for our free

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facebook marketing training that we will be releasing.









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