Free Marketing Plan Template

Having a Marketing Plan Template is similar to my thoughts on having a “template for an action plan.

Free Marketing Plan Template

It is just taking down your thoughts, working on them and then deciding what type of activity you are going to put behind those thoughts…Then you have a Marketing Plan Template.

But if you want to be a little more detailed, then let me take you through the old analogy of understanding the “Funnel”.

To get your marketing plan template correct you need to understand these basics first:

  1. What are you selling.
  2. Who is going to buy it.
  3. Who are you going to market it to.
  4. What are you prepared to offer to get their patronage.
  5. What is your budget.
  6. How are you going to market.
  7. What measures do you have in place to test your results.

If you can get these 7 points correct, it places you a long way in front of your competition who would more than likely not have done this type of research. They would have relied on some “sales executive” from the local news paper who has never had their own business and always had the security of a job, they think they understand selling and business, but when the rubber hits the road, what they really understand is how to keep their job and not take the risk themselves.

So you, as the business owner, the one who is spending the money, needs to be the one who has a grasp of what you need to do, and as your business grows, you can outsource it to people that you have been able to train or have the experience you need them to have.

So take my word for it, you don’t want to be trusting someone who is not advertising with their own money, because they are not testing, they are not measuring and if your ad fails, they are not the one out of pocket, YOU ARE…

So take my 7 key points for your marketing plan template and spend the time to analyse and work on each point.

Your results will change if you do.









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