Free Template For An Action Plan

template for an action planTemplate for an action plan

I am going to give you my template for an action plan.

I love the saying… “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” Why would you do a whole lot of hard work trying to do something that has already been done and you can use it? So why not use my simple template for an action plan, and don’t worry about making a new one.

Unfortunately this is what happens with many people, they fall for the trap thinking that they need to continually do things themselves rather than using the amazing tools that have been given to them.

I have just recently completed a Training and Marketing system for our home business owners that I work with around the globe.

This system has nearly everything, websites, marketing material, scripts, pre written video autoresponder campaigns, webinars…you name it, it has it and one of the wonderful and powerful things that is happening right now is that it is not me doing all the work anymore.

We have leaders that are becoming experts in their fields starting to do the training each week or getting involved in it. This gives them a place to share their expertise and helps everyone.

Your action plan does not have to be difficult or too detailed. I don’t want you spending more time working on your action plan than working on your business, that wont make you any money.

Just like I said in my previous post about “You Need An Action Plan”, I reminded you that it can be as detailed as you want or as simple as you need.

The key is that you have one and then you can build on it if you need to.

My template for an action plan covers what I believe are the core foundational principles that everyone needs to work on.

So click here to download my template for an action plan free and I hope you enjoy.

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3 Replies to “Free Template For An Action Plan”

  1. Thanks James for all the wonderful tools you are giving me to start my business.
    Regards Wendy

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