Home Based Business Problems To Be Aware Of

home based business problemsLets Talk About Home Based Business Problems You Will Face And The Solutions

The home based business problems you may not be aware of and how to combat them

Home based business problems sometimes seem to come out of no where.

As home based business professionals get started working from home, after having a job and never working for themselves before, they fall into the traps that steel productivity and stop success.

These home based business problems cause financial issues, emotional issues and sometimes destroy the belief inside a person that they can actually succeed in their home based business.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Why do we all want to get started in home based business?

It is generally because we come to realise that working for someone else is never going to give us the fulfilment or success that we crave. There never seems to be enough money in the bank account or any freedom to do what it is we want to do, well that is one of the reasons I hear from many people.

The home based business problems don’t seem to register until about 3 – 6 months into running their business from home.

They may have started their home based business part time while still having a job. This requires a big commitment to actually get anywhere, especially if you find yourself getting home tired and when you are tired the home based business problems seem to be too big to handle and the only option may seem to quit.

Let me tell you, this is not the only option. Yes you may need to relook at how you are doing things, get some more training and manage your expectations, but quitting is not something you should do, especially if you have started part time.

Your home based business problems don’t need to rule your life, they can actually help you to become better and achieve more. Because it is in our problems that we are forced to look for solutions we may not have seen if everything was going great.

Let’s face it, none of us like change, but it is change that brings the greatest rewards.

So let’s look at a list of the home based business problems you maybe facing and what could be a solution for you:

Home based business problems 1: Always tired

I know this one very well. When I first started working from home, I started part time. I kept my job, which was as a sales manager for a company. I had to work some long hours and do a little bit of travel. We also had 2 very young daughters, so they wanted and needed my attention as well. So how do you give your

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employer your best and your family your best and then still have energy to build a business with only part time hours?

First I want you to look at your sleep. Sleep and quality rest is important, if you are not getting good sleep, then your ability to work at peak performance is going to diminish. You know how much sleep you really need. If you find you are not sleeping well, make sure you look at what you are drinking and eating after 1200pm. If you are drinking alcohol, coffee/stimulants and eating lots of sweets or foods with artificial ingredients (just look at the ingredients, if there are numbers, it has junk in it) then you may want to reduce or even cut them out.

Do some kind of exercise each day: Push ups, squats, sit-ups lunges etc can all be done in your office or lounge room and you will start to really feel good. Of course a good walk always helps as well.

Also look at your nutrients and supplements. You NEED Real Food Nutrition. That is supplements that come from food, not from synthetic sources, there is a BIG difference, if you want to know what that is, just leave a comment below and I will explain.

Home based business problems 2: Not knowing what to do or being professionally trained.

It is a shame that most people start their home based business thinking that they don’t need to commit themselves to developing their skills and their person to be better.

Think of it this way.

An engineer studies for 4 – 6 years and spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn an average income of around $85,000 per annum. But then we see home entrepreneurs get started and spend a few hundred dollars and expect to earn over $100,000 per year without having to go through any kind of educational process. There seems to be a very big disconnect there.

There is an unending supply of “How too’s” or information on how to build and grow your home based business, our business partners have everything they need to be a success, the one thing we can not give them though, is their own desire to grow and develop.

If you got started with us, you would have everything at your fingertips.

Home based business problems 3: Complacency

Home based business problems can come from one main area and that is complacency.

Home Entrepreneurs don’t have the focus to get done what they need to get done, distractions come in and they find other things they need to do rather than the thing they should be doing.

To beat complacency, the key is staying focused and writing a list each day on what you are going to do.

Obviously it is not just about having a list, it is also about acting on that list and moving forward.

Your home based business will require more from you than you probably realise at the start, but it will be much less than a traditional business that you have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into, if not millions, but more than your job.

You can not start a home based business expecting to enjoy the rewards and success that comes with it, and continue to have a complacent attitude.

You need to act and work.

I know these are only a few of the home based business problems you are going to face, but they are the most common that I have found.’

Leave a comment below about the home based business problems you have faced and lets talk about them and see if we can work on a solution together.
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3 Replies to “Home Based Business Problems To Be Aware Of”

  1. I still think a home based busienss is the right thing for those of us who are just starting out. There’s a lot of cost savings, and it’s also much more convenient, as opposed to travelling back and forth between the office and home.
    By the way, great blog!

    1. Hi tony yep I agree, it is absolutely the best choice, as long as people are prepared to put in the work and effort to get the results 🙂

  2. James, I couldn’t agree more. I think many people believe starting their home based business will be easy and effortless. When I prospect, I make sure I make the differentiation between simple and easy. Yes, what I do is very simple. However, it takes work… and finding time, especially when I first started, was NOT easy. It took discipline and hard work. But if you put in the time, LEARN and commit to changing your life, the fruits of your labor are definitely worth it. Great post!

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