How do I find my purpose

how do i find my purposeHow do you find your purpose?

In one of our previous posts we answered the question what is market place ministry, or we started the process of answering it.

I have been a christian since 1990, and in that time no one question has come up more or been more prevalent in people’s conversations than “What am I supposed to do…?”

It really is the cry of every believers heart, they want to do what God wants them to do and they are afraid they will miss His purpose for their lives.

This fear for many people has stopped them dead in their tracks from doing anything.

Even though God has been throwing opportunity after opportunity at them to do His will and have success in their lives, they still don’t move because they are blinded by fear…

Because of this fear that they are not hearing Him correctly, they don’t move at all and they wonder why they are stuck in the same place day after day, month after month, year after year.

This fear has bound people up and so they continue to pray “God show me my purpose…” 

Let me tell you that He is showing you your purpose every single day…you are just not seeing it, or are too afraid to move on it.

I want you to know something, God is so loving and kind, He is the most beautiful creator, He is your friend and He is ever present in your life. He has promised He will never leave you or forsake you. These are His words and He has proven them to be true time and time again.

So since they are true, don’t you think that if you make a decision and just start moving forward that God can show you His purpose in THAT ACTION…

Let me explain.

Yes I believe that we all have a purpose on this planet. The biggest purpose we have is to share His message and make disciples.

However how we do this will come through the desires we have in our heart and the skills we have learnt in the past and the ones we are prepared to learn in the future.

I do not believe we need to pray about every decision we make, I do however believe we need to allow God to work in every decision we make.

This is part of the great gift of “free will” that He has given us.

If you have a desire to have a nicer house or drive a better car or be able to take your family on a nice holiday each year, then that is a desire that is in your heart a desire that I believe has been given to you by God. He does not want you to be poor. He wants you to prosper.

I am not sure we are all supposed to be billionaires, however I do believe that you can build a business from home, working in your passions and have great success if you are prepared to at least START.

You will find your purpose in your desires and in your actions, not in your indecision and complacency.

The devil wants you to stay dormant and inactive. The devil wants you to be indecisive and not make a decision, however God wants you to know that He is with you in every decision you make and He can make ALL things out to be good if you offer them up to Him and allow Him to move and work in them.

So what do you do to find your purpose?

Just start becoming active and moving forward. God can and will help you make the changes you need to make a long the way.

Just be prepared to increase your skills and become BETTER at the activities you need to do. You will find that the better you become and the more success you achieve the more you will enjoy it.

The danger:

The danger is that many if not most christians will use the excuse of failure or non activity as “Gods will” for them not to do or have success.

This is not correct.

Yes God does close doors, however most of the time, the doors are open, we just need to get to the door to walk through it and it is the trials we go through and the skills we have to learn that are part of the journey to actually get to the door.

So enjoy the journey, build your skills, become better and have the success you want.

Just don’t be dormant or indecisive. Make a decision and move.

Yes to have success you will go through trials and you will be forced to grow, because at your current level of personal development, you can only handle what you have.

To have more, you need to become more. You need to show you can handle more success.

You will find your purpose in the activities you do and the Godly desires you have.

So make a decision NOW and get started!!!

how do i find my purpose









how do i find my purpose

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