How do you make money on facebook

how to make money on facebookHow do you make money on facebook 

Have you ever wondered how to make money on facebook? I know I used to, it wasn’t until I started to look a little deeper into facebook and how it really works that I was surprised to find it is not that hard.

Making money on facebook is one of those mind snapping anomalies that you are not going to get at first. The reason is, because it is too simple.

People get stuck in the rut thinking that everything has to be hard, when in actual fact it is quite simple, you just have to be prepared to work and actually use the skills you have already. That’s right, the skills you already have will be enough for you to make money on facebook.

So let’s talk about what I have learned so far from my research and the application of that research.

How do you make money on facebook:

First it is understanding that facebook is a country (almost 1 billion people strong), split up into states, cities and communities.

Each area has it’s own unique group of people with their own interests.

Second it is knowing that making money on facebook is knowing that everything is community.

Remember this saying, I have said it many times before and I am sure I will say it again:

“All things being equal people will deal with people they like…all things not being equal, people will still deal with people they like”.

So in everything you do, make sure you are building community and relationships.

You do this by connecting with people through conversation and intrigue.

Two of my favourite ways of how do you make money on facebook is:

How do you make money on facebook 1: Developing relationships in different communities. These communities already have an interest in what I am promoting whether it be health or income.

We cover a lot of this in our training system.

How do you make money on facebook 2: Developing a community through facebook business pages. These pages allow us to build a list and build a relationship with people that join our page, and over time, we are able to serve the people of our community through products and or business.

Of course we cover this in our training system as well.

Making money on facebook is not only possible for you it is PROBABLE if you follow training and you have something to promote.

One of our new team members, social entrepreneurs, Daniel Smith, has never done anything like this before. He was given some instructions, followed those instructions. He did not believe they would work, but guess what, within 48 hours he had made money and now he has proof that he can do it.


If you want to know how you can you can make money on facebook, why don’t you get in contact with us.

Remember though that facebook is only one place you can make money.

Make sure you leave a comment below.

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how do you make money on Facebook

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  1. I am looking how to make my business to become profitable on facebook. I have done your bootcamp and are a member. Thanks for all your support . I have enjoyed all the information thus far. God Bless You in what you are doing!!

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