How do you start a work from home business without any money.

how to start a work from home business without any moneyHow do you start a work from home business without any money.

I was asked by one of subscribers, “How do I start a work from home business without any money?”

When he sent me this request I knew exactly how he felt because when my wife and I first got started working from home, we had no money either.

Our finances were very tight and in fact we couldn’t afford to go out for coffee, go on a holiday or even buy shoes for our daughter.

It was not a nice place to be.

The thing I needed to ask myself was… “Did I want to continue through life without any money or was I ready to make a change?”

That is the question you need to ask yourself more than any other.

You see we change and go in a different direction when we have decided we have had enough of the direction we are going in.

It is out of our “Discontent” that we make decisions to try new things.

It is our discontent that pushes us.

So ask yourself, are you discontented enough to go on a different direction and change course?

Because if you are, then the answer to the question: “How do I start a work from home business without any money?” won’t be a problem to you.

However…if you are not discontented enough then you are still stuck in what I call your GREATEST ADDICTION…I won’t go into that today, just click on that link and you will be taken to your greatest addiction.

If you are still in that state, then you will need more pain and discomfort in your life before you are ready to change.

For some people, it doesn’t take much, but for others, it will never happen no matter what they go through.

So how do you start a work from home business without any money?

I will out line what you can do, remembering there

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will be more ways than what I suggest here.

In fact you will only be limited by your imagination and desire for change.

So use the points I have given you below on how you can start a work from home business with no money and then add your own ideas.

I want to highlight one thing first. Why do you want to start your own business and what will it give you?

Write this down because it is your reason “Why” that will help you go further and not quit.

Even though most people say: “I don’t have the money to get started” what they are actually saying is: “I don’t have the money to lose”.

Because nearly everyone can find the money to get started, especially for the small amounts it is to get started today.

To get started with us ranges from $55 to $750 and I would almost guarantee that anyone could find that amount of money if they really WANTED and NEEDED to…It is just all a matter or desire.

So here we go:

  • The first way is understanding that in any business you are going to have learn how to deal with people. It is your skill with people that will determine how successful you will become. You will always see that the people with the best skills in this area have the most secure businesses. So start developing that skill right from the start.
  • It is this skill that will enable you to do more and get further.
  • Now take that skill and look at the business you want to get started in. Most home based businesses come with a “starter pack” and in this starter pack is product that you can move or sell. Take the opportunity to find clients who will use the products that you would get in that initial starter pack.
  • I can hear some of you saying already, but I don’t have the product yet, that is fine, just go to the people and let them know it takes 7 – 10 days for the first delivery, ask them to pay up front (no business orders stock for a client unless the client pays up front so why would you…) and then use the money to buy your initial pack and get started.
  • Robert Kyosaki calls this “using other peoples money”.
  • You could borrow the money from people who care about you (especially if it is a small amount of money like I suggested above)
  • Host a garage sale
  • Put stuff on ebay (I have been told this works really well although I have never done it)
  • Get a business partner who comes up with the money and you do the work. (this is one I don’t recommend as it does become very difficult to manage the relationship)
  • Work another job for a short period of time.
  • Look at the money you are spending at the moment on “stuff/doodads” things you don’t really need and start saving (if you can save, you can make a lot of money, if you can’t save you never will…)

As I said earlier this is just the start, the sky is the limit to what you can do, you just have to make a decision to do it.

It will all come down to your desire and your attitude.

Just remember getting started is the easy part, it is the keeping going that requires daily decisions and activity.

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2 Replies to “How do you start a work from home business without any money.”

  1. I was exactly in this position but i found a way to get the money together to start my business NOW I have gone international with my business in only a short couple of months, thank you James for teaching me the way.. God Bless Vanessa

    1. Vanessa you are welcome and we are so proud of you and what you have accomplished by following the system and getting active 🙂 well done

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