How do you work from home while having a job

how do I work from homeHow do you work from home while having a job

I would say that 99.9% of people get the desire to work from home while they still have a job.

So the obvious question they have is “how do I work from home while I have a job?”

It’s a serious question, because for most people, they make this decision not when they are single and don’t have children, a majority of people make this decision when they have a family.

So it is not just their job they have to think about, it is their family commitments as well.

I remember when I first got started working from home, I was employed as a sales rep for a large company. I was working long hours and we had two very young children.

So it had to be a joint decision between my wife and I that I was going to start this work from home business and it was going to require even more of my time.

Financially we were in a bad way, our income was quite low and something needed to change.

The amazing thing about my wife is her love for me and our children. For her it has never been about the fancy house or the nice car (even though they are nice to have) it has always been about the family and the sense of love within.

However I personally am a very driven individual. I believe God wants us to have the best and also have more than enough so we can give abundantly our of what we have.

I want my family to experience life in abundance…

So what did we do and how did we do it?

Well here are the steps we took, use them as a guide for working out the steps you are going to take.

  • I made a decision that I was going to work from home and hold nothing back…It was my INTENT that I was going to succeed.
  • Once I had made this decision I spoke to my wife and told her what I wanted to do and that I would need her support and what it would mean for her and the children if she could support me.
  • Then we worked out the plan I was going to work with: Times I would not be available and times I would be.
  • I then put the time aside to learn about the products and how I was going to build my business. (I did this outside of my dollar productive time…late at night or listening to the info in the car)
  • When I am home and it is a night off, I don’t answer the phone, emails, Skype etc…
  • Made a decision that I would not quit.
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    I did what the vikings did when they invaded a new land. They burnt the ships on the beach to show they had no retreat and no other option.

  • I set my goals and worked my tail off to make those goals a reality. Excuses were not an option.

I personally believe you are going to need to do a similar thing. Don’t expect smooth sailing at home or in your job if you have not laid out a course of action you can follow with clear parameters for you to work within.

Honor your employer, give them the time you have committed to work for them, but also make sure they don’t take more than you have committed to. Remember, you are employed there, you don’t own the business. So you don’t have to work the same hours as the boss.

Many people get confused when it comes to their job. They find their identity within what they do and so they close the door to moving forward in other opportunities.

You need to be strict on your time, if you protect and value your time, others will as well, including your boss.

Building a business from home, requires commitment and yes, sacrifice. However everything/anything that you do will require the same.

So take some time tonight and write a plan of action like we have.

You can work from home while having a job, 99.9% of people

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do, so you are not unique in that way.

You just have to find a way that you can and forget the excuses that keep coming up.









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  1. Great post James! Definitely time management is the key and committment to make it happen. Thanks for the encouragement.

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