How The Go Giver by Bob Burg Changed My Opinion

The Go Giver By Bob BurgThe Go Giver by Bob Burg is revolutionary

Every once in a while a book comes along that challenges but also inspires and that is what The Go Giver did for me.

It is a book that grabbed my heart and spoke to my very being as I realised that what Bob Burg speaks about in The Go Giver is exactly what most human beings want…they want to give not receive.

Now I know that may sound strange and a little confusing, however The Go Giver truly is a heart impacting book and I believe that Bob Burg has hit onto something that could very well revolutionise your thinking as well.

I have always been a business orientated sort of person, someone who looks for opportunities and ways to increase income, so when I first heard of The Go Giver, the name really didn’t excite me very much at all. It was because of a friend of mine, Sam Caster whose opinion I really respect that I decided I would read The Go Giver and it knocked my socks off.

As I read each page and then each chapter, I was impacted to my core.

The Go Giver helped me to see that yes I wanted to give more than receive, however I knew that through my giving I WOULD RECEIVE.

But it wasn’t until about 12 months ago, which was 2 years after I read the go giver, that it really started to impact me and I started to realise that I had read something truly powerful.


I have found that The Go Giver is not for everyone and in fact, I think for some people it gives them an excuse not to give 100% to what they do and build their business.

So when you read the Go Giver don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Don’t stop the dollar productive activities you need to be doing to generate a result. There are important.


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though The Go Giver does not tell you to stop building, I have met some who have a fobia about money and think it is evil, so they use their fear of money as an excuse.

The Go Giver challenges but encourages.

Bob Burg has done a wonderful job of helping business owners to connect with the heart of true service and how through serving others, you will be looked after.

I highly recommend the Go Giver to anyone who is looking for direction and purpose.

I know you will love the go giver so go and grab your copy.

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