How To Create Freedom For Your Life 3 Keys Plus 1

How To Create Freedom
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How To Create Freedom For Your Life Requires Something…

How to create freedom hmmmmmm: As I write you this article on How To Create Freedom For Your Life my heart is full of joy peace and the Love of God as He shows His wonderful power and influence.

Work From Home Christians (this website and business) is about teaching you the God given principles of business and

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success as well as giving you principles of how to create freedom and sometimes we get caught up in the work people have to do to be successful and miss the fact that Christ has already done EVERYTHING for you and I, so when we get to the question of how to create freedom, it is quite easy to start talking about activities we need to do and forget that when we walk in His ways, He has already commanded blessing to be upon us because of Jesus His Son and shows us how to create freedom.

So let’s talk a little about how being saved and under the blessing of Christ impacts us and shows us how to create freedom for your life.

To show you how to create freedom for your life with Jesus I need to ask you a question.

“Have you ever received something that you wanted but didn’t do anything to actually get it?” – Let me show you how that is related to how to create freedom.

e.g.: Are you in sales and were thinking about an account that would be good to have, you didn’t call them, but then out of no where, they call you or somehow a meeting has been set for you to present your product/service?

This is called “undeserved favour”, it happens not because of what we have done, but because of WHO Christ is and who He is in our lives.

It is also called sweat less favour!!!

Some people would look at the lifestyle that myself and our family have and would think if anyone is going to be able to show me how to create freedom for

how to create freedom
The sunrise at out resort in Mauritius. Talk about AMAZING!!!

your life, it would be them, but you know what, I look at the things we have accomplished, the favour we have been given and the blessing we have and I realise that it is not because of anything special about me or my family, even though I would like to think it was, yes our gifts, talents and hard work have definitely had a role to play, however there is more to it than that, or you could even say there is less to it than that. Meaning that I did less and Christ did more He showed me He is the one that gives us the answer on how to create freedom.

Can I suggest that you take away these 3 plus 1 points with you for how to create freedom:

  1. How to create freedom – Christ gave it to you on the Cross:

    First understand that everything has already been done for you on the Cross by Jesus Christ. This means that with His dying breath He saw you, your dreams, your hopes and your desires. He wants to help you create freedom and He actually went to the Cross for you to have it.

  2. How to create freedom – Use your talents and gifts:

    You need to use your talents to help you create the freedom you want. Even though everything has already been done for you, you have to remember the scripture that says “Faith without works is dead” and we are not meant to be lazy. In fact we are supposed to be the BEST WORKERS in the market. This allows us to shine for Christ.

  3. How to create freedom – Be prepared to grow and develop your gifts and talents:

    Be prepared to grow your talents and your gifts to create freedom. Too many people don’t see the joy and accomplishment that happens when they grow as an individual and as a leader. When you look at the leaders in the bible, ALL of them needed to work on themselves and become bigger and better than they were, but this happened because God was in them and they allowed Him to work through them, they were obedient to His word and by being obedient He was able to command His blessing.

  4. How to create freedom – Don’t give up:

    Don’t give up on creating the freedom you want. Too many christians and people in general give up. Being willing to grow and develop and chase your dream until you have it is one of the most important components of success and creating freedom. Just because you have to stretch a little does not mean you are failing or that it is too hard, it just means that you are growing and that the end result will be that much more rewarding.

How to create freedom?

Simple use this equation: Christ + Faith + Prayer + Action. – I think this will create something for you on how to create freedom.

I believe for you to know how you create freedom that this simple equation will at least get you on the right track and heading in the right direction.

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