How to develop a local team in network marketing

how to build a local team in network marketingHow Build Your Network Marketing Business In A Local Market

OK let’s talk today about how to build your network marketing business locally.

Today’s post is all content, not many keywords (for those of you who are into online marketing 😉 ).

I want you to understand today how important your local business is to your ongoing success and the momentum it creates for other parts of your team who are not with you.

Many people today are getting stuck behind the computer and on webinars, and hardly ever thinking about the importance of relationship that comes from the “belly to belly, face to face contact”.

Something truly amazing happens when you are able to connect with your local people and their prospects, something that does not happen over a webinar or Skype call.

However you will never experience it, if you don’t apply and understand the dynamics of this important component.

So let’s look at building a local team and how to go about it.

So often I see people get started in their home based business, they get their first person started, and both people are pumped about their new venture, the funny thing is, that they stop, they don’t go any further.

They don’t realise that it was the relationship and the though of what this new venture could do for them and their futures that go THEM excited.

So many times you have to remind yourself and your team of the reason they got started so they can then instil that belief into the people they are talking to.

Developing your local team is fun and rewarding.

We will cover some key points below on what to do to build your team and continue to make it grow:

1. Be excited: One of the things I love to do is when we move into a new area, I cast a vision and I show how excited I actually am.

People are looking for vision, they are looking for something they can get behind, something that will help THEM achieve their dreams and desires. Something that makes them feel valued and wanted.

So think about that for a moment, people want to feel valued and wanted so if you help a person feel this, you are half way there, the problem is, you don’t want them to feel as though YOU need them.

As soon as people feel as though you need them, they are in the seat of power. You need them to feel as though THEY need you and what you are doing.

You do this by letting them see your vision and that you are going to do this with them or without them, it would just be a lot more fun with them, and if they decide not to come on board, that is OK, just show them that you are going to move on without them.

This moves us onto the next point:

2. Be Aggressive: Now I am not talking about being arrogant, egotistical or rude. I am talking about being “intent” with your decision that you are going to build. Your intention will flow through everything you do. It will flow through your actions, your words, your posture…everything. Remember that people don’t want to miss out, they don’t want to be left behind, and this “intent” would have to be the most important decision you could make.

3. Start and when you start…DON’T STOP!!! When you start building stay focused, there are plenty of things out there to steal your focus, attention and energy. Make a list of the things that you know are “Stealers” and then beware of them.

4. Start aggressive marketing. Don’t be afraid to talk to everyone you know and come into contact with. I find my personal strength is “situational prospecting” this is prospecting people I know or don’t know when I meet them down the street or on the phone. I really enjoy building the relationships and then setting an appointment.

I guess one of the things I do is that when I am speaking to someone I have just met or that I know, I truly am interested in how I can help THEM…and that is this industry in a nut shell. The leader who thinks about the other people and their needs will be the one that generates the biggest interest and biggest checks/cheques.

The thing you have to do is do it every day.

I found myself doing more and more online stuff and forgot that my real passion is offline, it is meeting and talking with people, so now as part of my 90 day massive action plan, I am focused on taking all the opportunities that come my way.

5. Take the opportunities that come your way…Many business owners don’t realise that there are opportunities coming their way every single day, they just don’t see them…

It is a shame that this is the case, people pray and pray for ideas and opportunities, and when the answers start coming, they don’t see them, or if they see them, they decide not to do anything about them.

As part of our 90 day challenge, we are committed to taking EVERY opportunity.

We want to help you do the same, don’t be left behind or miss this.

This could be your time to create your own history…There is a wonderful saying that goes like this “History will be kind to me because I intend to write it…”

So take our lead, and start writing your own history.


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