How To Go From Vision Statement To Results

vision statementVision Statement Errors.

I know over the last week we have been doing a lot on how to write a vision statement and why you should have a vision statement.

Today will more than likely be the last time I write on a Vision Statement for a while as we need to move more into the things that support you in the development of your business and getting results. Please remember that having a vision statement gives you energy and clarity. Your vision statement makes you want to do things you know you need to do and ignore the things you shouldn’t be doing. It is crucial to be connecting with your vision statement every single day and if you can make it a habit to connect with it even more than that. I have my vision statement up on my wall so I can see it and read it more than once per day.

You may not have that luxury, so maybe you need to print it out and put it in your wallet or purse etc and then read it at lunch.

I know I have said this before, but your vision statement is the key to your successful future, but the thing I have not said is that you can have vision but if you are not prepared to follow it up with action and then a good deal of personal development, actually achieving your vision will not happen.

I believe there are 3 things that need to follow your Vision Statement:

1. Action For A Vision Statement:

As I said earlier, to achieve your vision statement you are going to need action, otherwise it is just something written down on a piece of paper. And even though there maybe some self professed gurus out there telling you to “speak it and receive it”. I do not believe that this message is a real message or one to believe. It only tells you half, if not less of the story. Speaking your vision statement out gets you motivated, and I believe sets things in motion for results, however it is the activity (work activity) combined with the next 2 points that brings those results to pass.

2. Skill Development For Your Vision Statement:

Skill development just like in anything you do, is something you need to be working on regularly, if not daily. It is your skills that you continually work on that make your job easier. The better you are, the more enjoyable it is for you to build. Problem is that most people don’t align their skill development up with the vision statement. So they never put any time into growing them. Developing your skills could take years to become a professional, but the great

thing is, the more time you spend, the better you become and you more than likely know enough right now to get results that will increase your income and you are on your way to your Vision Statement.

3. Personal Development For Your Vision Statement:

It is a real shame that most people don’t realise that most of their success and failure comes from how much personal development they have done. The more work you do on yourself (and I am not talking about plastic surgery) the stronger you become and the more focused. You start to see and understand your short comings and what you need to work on. You also start to understand why you and other people do certain things that may sabotage success and stop you from getting the results you want. So from todays article I want you to get that just having a vision statement is not all you need to do, you need to work on Action, Skill Development and Personal Development. Find the things in your life that need to change and then change them and build the things that need to be built and do the things that need to be done.

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