How To Increase Your Sales

how to increase salesHow To Increase Your Sales – Matt 7: 28-29

As with everything we write and do here on Work From Home Christians – Christian Business Opportunities site, we want to give you scripture and references to help you see things a little differently and hopefully encourage you in business and life.

Have you ever noticed that two people can get started in business, they may both have the same skill level but one out shines the other dramatically?

There maybe many reasons why this happens, however one of the biggest I have seen has been to do with “Belief” and “Posture”.

There is a great scripture Matt 7: 28-29 that talks about how the people were astonished at Jesus’s teachings because he spoke with authority not as a scribe. You see the scribes would teach with what we call :”Theoretical knowledge” where Jesus spoke with not just knowledge but understanding, wisdom and belief from someone who had seen what He was talking about and the people were hoping to see.

This should make you think about your business. How do you come across to your prospects when you speak to them, do you come across as the person who “wants” their business and “believes” in what you say or do you come across as the one who doesn’t believe and it is all too hard?

If you don’t believe in what you are selling or promoting, neither will your prospects, if you are having troubles, ask yourself the question: Do I believe in the product, Do I believe the price is a good price, do I believe in the business and that people can make money?

If you don’t or you arent sure then you need to build your understanding around those areas, so do your research and get the answers you need. Because when you have your answers, your results will change, but they won’t until you do.

Watch this video today and make sure you leave a comment below.


how to increase sales









how to increase sales





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26 Replies to “How To Increase Your Sales”

  1. I personally do not believe that one has to be a Christian to be mightily successful at doing business from sales person to managing director or running a prosperous restaurant, most people who are overly rich are non-believers. Mark Zuckerberg is an atheist with brains and he is not alone.

    But as a believer in Christ I do believe that I desperately need the Holy Spirit to be spiritual and that we do receive help from the Holy Spirit in our day-to-day lives if we choose to include Him in our social, sport or business environment.

    This is where we need a mighty lot of discernment to decipher who got rich by their own efforts of application and who truly got rich by the favour of the Holy presence of the Lord, the latter will have no sorrow attached to it.

    I hope this does not offend.


    1. Howdy Brigitte no you do not offend at all, we totally agree. I think someone would be living with their head in the sand if they think that only Christians can prosper, in fact unfortunately I know more non christians prospering than christians, however this has nothing to do with ratios, since there are a lot more non believers than believers. A good example is the scripture that says “He makes it rain on the just and the un just” 🙂
      We also agree that it is the Holy Spirit that directs us and allows to know what direction to take when we are listening, so please keep commenting, we are on the same page.
      Thanks for saying something.

  2. Great references James, I do believe, and I am searching for people who need our products – they are excellent…

  3. Hi James, it’s been a while that one verse comes in my mind over and over again, that of 2 Cor 9:8: “And God is able to make ALL grace abound toward you; that you, always having ALL sufficiency in ALL things, may abound to EVERY good work.”
    If this is in God’s Word, then it means that He wants us to have much so that we can give much. Nobody can give when they are poor and don’t have enough food on their own tables (even though one do get people that will give even when they do not have enough themselves).
    In South Africa we have so many charity organisations, with new ones rising monthly, but all of them have a lack of money and they need to do fundraising or close their doors. If we can only get more people on board, people who are willing to give a big percentage of their income to these organisations, then all of them can do more.
    Sometimes I just wonder why our Father lets us struggle so much to get our business going. I’ve had 7 people on the Christian Business e-course and no one is interested to take it further. Maybe at a later stage. Maybe I don’t pray enough. Sometimes I think I don’t have the right skills to bring them in!
    But my business is growing, although slowly – and for that I thank my Father. I have now 22 on Auto Order and my professor is Regional since last month. His daughter of 38 just gave birth to her “manna” twin daughters last week (yes, Ambrotose did the thing). We have so much to be grateful of.

    1. thank you Wendy to hear that from you is very inspiring. Hey we never got to have that chat when I was over there 🙂 If you need help with ARs let me know

  4. Great video and very positive and encouraging. This is not only relevant in business but in my personal life as a Christian. My posture, Belief and Faith determines how I view the world and myself. It starts at the heart first. God gave us choice and it's choosing to belief in God's word and not my fears and doubts. Thanks heaps, this has prepared me for a job interview today 🙂

  5. James, what a great video! I was at a Memorial Day gettogether yesterday, and people were raving about your Work From Home Christians page. Please include my email address in your newsletters. Glad to hear about your success and helping others to succeed! Looking forward to using your materials!

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