How to make a news years resolution that works

How to make new years resolutions that workHow to make a news years resolution that works

Did you know, of course you did, that most new years resolutions fail?

The big question is WHY!

People get started with the right intentions but somewhere along the way, things fall down and the desire for change gets replaced with excuses and justification that everything is OK and you are happy with the way things are.

You get stuck believing the lie that things don’t need to change and it is all too hard.

As you believe this lie, because that is what it is, you never strive for anything great and the things that are important to you, get covered by a haze and a since of numbness.

As you justify your non activity or reason for not completing your resolution and staying strong on your decision, this does not just impact this one choice, it impacts everything you do.

A great friend of mine and business mentor, Brian Klemmer (he passed recently and I miss him greatly however he has left a lasting impact on many tens of thousands of lives), used to say:

“The way you do one thing, is the way you do all things”.

So if you think about this a little deeper, you realise that it is not just this one new years resolution that you fail, the same excuses are being used in all areas of your life.

So the big question is what do you do to create a new years resolution that you accomplish?

  1. Connect with it: You need to understand why you want the thing you are asking for. If you are not emotionally connected to your desire, it will not happen. You need to see with your open eye, what could happen if you achieve your goal and what could happen if you don’t.
  2. Write it down: Habukuk 2:3 says to write your vision down. Treat it seriously, as you write it down, it is like power coming through you and onto the piece of paper.
  3. Read it each day: When you read and connect with your desire/goal each day, you are reminded what you are doing and why. They can be too easily forgotten or ignored.
  4. Get a running partner (accountability partner): Have someone you can be accountable with. Someone who will help you stay strong.
  5. Reward yourself: Reward yourself for the small wins. You need to enjoy the journey.
  6. Have fun: Make a decision that it is NOT going to be hard. Laughing at yourself and meditating on the good that will come from your result keeps you positive and keeps you fresh. It is when we frown and think it is all too hard that we don’t move forward.
  7. Pray Pray Pray: yes I know this should be first but I put it last on purpose. I want you to leave this post and this be the last thing you remember, because prayer is the answer…

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