How To Use Facebook For Business Day 4 – The Power Of Facebook Groups

How To Make Money from Facebook GroupsHow To Use Facebook For Business Day 4 – The Power Of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups would have to be the single most powerful “Upgrade Tool” on the internet today, especially for those people who know how to use facebook groups to generate leads, increase sales, upgrade clients and sell more product.

In todays training on using facebook groups, you are going to learn things that I have not heard trained anywhere else from any other trainer.

Now I am not saying that it is not being trained, I am just saying that no one that I no of is training on the use of facebook groups.

Facebook groups are such a simple yet powerful way to increase your clients without having to sell to them every single minute of every single day.

If you are the type of person who is not a “hard-nosed sales person” then facebook groups are for you.

Facebook groups do the selling for you, if you use them correctly and today we are going to take you through how to use them.

Make sure you watch the video on how to use facebook groups below, as I can not type everything out and I say things on the video that I don’t put in this article.

Using facebook groups were actually not my idea, they were the idea of my fellow team mates, Vanessa Sanger and Naomi Enevoldson.

They started using facebook groups just to stay in contact with their team but then saw the opportunity to use them to not only keep their teams excited but to also get their prospects excited as well.

I watched on the sideline for a few months and it wasn’t until I saw their amazing results, that I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

So many gurus are talking about the importance of facebook pages, and yes we will talk about them tomorrow, however facebook groups take it to a whole new level.

Below you will find our simple facebook group guidelines on how to use these groups for not only your benefit but for your members benefits as well.

Facebook Groups Tip 1: Have one for each area of your business

I know this may sound like a lot of hard work, but in actual fact, facebook groups are simple to maintain and manage. Find yourself a nice image to put along the top. (I have mine specifically designed by one graphic designer, so they look professional) and then start adding members.

Facebook Groups Tip 2: Have your “About Section” filled in and make it clear.

If you do not have clear guidelines of what people can and can not do in your facebook groups, you will find many people starting to spam you and your clients.

Having a clear facebook group ABOUT section tells people up front what will be tolerated and what won’t be.

Also use your about section to TELL them what to do.

The interesting thing about people, if they are not told what to do, they don’t do anything.

Facebook Groups Tip 3: Share Testimonies

Remember, I am going to say this ALL THE WAY THROUGH this series, use testimonies, validated ones, to share within your group. It is these testimonies that will upgrade your prospects to clients and your clients to raving fans and life long partners.

If you can get your members to talk about their results, you will actually have your clients doing the work for you.

They answer questions on your behalf and keep the momentum of your business growing.

Facebook Groups Tip 4: Post 2 – 3 times per day

Unfortunately many people don’t post into their groups, they forget about them and don’t keep the energy going.

Updating regularly is essential to keeping your facebook group community alive and active.

Ask questions, post images and share results. The more you do, the more active it becomes and the more money you will make… simple!

Facebook Groups Tip 5: Teach your groups members to change their settings

One of the problems that could impact your facebook groups results is the fact that your members could receive an email every time someone posts in the group.

This could get very annoying especially if your group becomes quite interactive.

The way you fix this is by teaching your members to change their “notification settings” inside the group.

I talk about, about how to do this on the video below.


You can catch up yesterdays training on Using Facebook For Business by clicking this link: Using Facebook For Business Day 3


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