Is NutriVerus Really As Good As They Are Saying

nutriverusNutriVerus and your body.

NutriVerus is creating a lot of hype around the industry and the globe. Nutriverus is being heralded as a ground breaking new technology for the wellness industry, a product set to totally transform the way we all look at vitamins, minerals and supplements, and quite frankly the more I read, the more I understand why the wellness and supplement industry is shaking in their boots while the consumers are being wowed by the truth that is being exposed.

Today we are going to look at why Nutriverus is for real and not just hype, this really is one of those ground breaking discoveries we all hope and wish for in our life times.

Nutriverus is that breakthrough.

So first lets look at the industry NutriVerus is going to impact. The Wellness Industry.

The wellness industry has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last 20 years as more and more research comes out to validate what common sense has always shown.

You and I both know that we need real food nutrients to stay on the path of wellness, however we have been conned into believing that all those Vitamin and Mineral supplements, weight loss & Protein shakes and “added vitamins and minerals” that we see in our foods is actually from plants…THEY’RE NOT!!!

In actual fact the Vitamins are synthetic and most come from “coal-tar” which is that black sludge that you see at the bottom of an oil barrel.

Why do these companies think it is OK for us to have “coal-tar”?Nutriverus - Coal Tar

Now before you decide to take a gun to your local supplier you need to understand that they have been giving you the best technology of the time (well some have been anyway). They could only sell what could be produced and they did the best they could with it to make your body use it. However your body has only been able to absorb 3 – 5% of it, the rest you have been putting in the toilet.

Nutriverus is not like that at all. Nutriverus is the worlds first plat derived Vitamin, Mineral, Antioxidant and Glyconutrient supplement.

It packs a massive wallop of good nutrients for your body and the impact you feel almost immediately with an increase of energy and sense of wellness, and let’s face it, what do we all want…Energy and wellness!!!

So now think about all of these supplement companies who have been making hundreds of millions of dollars on fake, synthetic nutrients and how they would be feeling right now as they start to see and hear about a product that they could only dream about owning.

Do you think they may be a little nervous every time they think about nutriverus and what this means for you, their client…especially since they are not the suppliers.

The nutritional world has changed forever because of Nutriverus.

Mannatech have taken their core technologies of Ambrotose – the worlds only glyconutrient supplement that gives the body the nutrients required for your cells to communicate. Ambrotose has proven through peer-reviewed studies that when digested the nutrients go directly to your cells to help in cellular communication and identification. This helps the body understand what a good cell is and what a bad cell is and then what to do next.

They took Ambrotose AO, quite possibly the worlds best Anti-Oxidant, proven to increase protection from Free Radical Damage by over 36%…now that is an impressive number and I have not heard of an antioxidant anywhere being able to do that.

Then they added Phytomatrix into the mix, the worlds first plant derivers vitamin and mineral supplement that enabled mannatech to standardise and stabilise what nutrients actually went into the supplement, previously impossible to do.

So Nutriverus is not just a base line nutritional product, it is a ground breaking, body changing nutritional supplement that works and brings world best practices together to give your body what it needs.

But the best thing about Nutriverus, besides how amazing it actually is, is the price.

Mannatech have priced Nutriverus not at the high-end of town, they have looked at nutriverus and the global economy and said we want everyone to be able to afford this product, so they have made it at less than $2.50 per day or around that price depending on your country.

That is less than a bottle of water, a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar…You have to agree that is exciting.

But does that mean Nutriverus could be the worlds biggest business opportunity?

Personally I think so.

I have found NutriVerus the easiest product in the world to talk about especially with the tools we have to share the information.

You don’t need to be a nutritionist etc, you just need to be able to send a link and let a 7 minute video do all the work.

In the past I have felt like I have needed to know all about nutrition, cellular communication etc etc but not now.

Most people love hearing the story about Nutriverus and when you explain that other supplements are made of coal tar or petroleum, they are shocked and want the real stuff.

So now think about this for a moment.

  • You have the worlds best nutritional supplement.
  • You have the worlds only plant derived and standardised supplement with almost (I say almost to cover my butt) no competition.
  • Work try sugar buy nolvadex uk paypal still rosacea looks the.
  • You have a product that nearly everyone can afford

For most of us we would think that would be enough, but what if you could get it FOR FREE…

Well that is what Mannatech have done, they introduced a program that allows members (people who don’t want to build a business, they just want to take the product) to refer people and every time they refer someone, they receive a 25% credit off their next order worked out on the amount that their referral orders. So if they refer someone, let’s call them John, and John orders $100 worth of products a month obviously Nutriverus would be part of that, then you would receive $25 off your next order, how good is that, so refer as many as you need to get your products for free 4Free, in Australia we call it 4Less.

This is a game changer in its own right.

But Mannatech wanted to go one step further, their mission is to wipe out childhood malnutrition.

Their plan is that every time someone purchases a bottle of Nutriverus Mannatech will nourish an at risk child through partner orphanages around the world.

So not only have Mannatech given you nutriverus, a great opportunity, the ability for your clients to get their products for free they are also aligning it with the worlds biggest issue.

So ask yourself, is Nutriverus something you could get behind and believe in. Is Mannatech a company with heart?

We haven’t even spoken about the Mannatech Compensation plan, and let me tell you it pays VERY NICELY…We have travelled the world many times, earned a lot of money and live a wonderful life.

Ask us more about NutriVerus and Mannatech, this could be what you have been praying and believing for.

If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom

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