It is not a spelling mistake

What would it be like if you finally got the answer you were looking for and realised it had been staring you in the face all along, and it was one word, just spelt differently.

In business we as Christians should always be led by the Holy Spirit and making sure we are sensing His direction in all things. he maybe leading us to read a scripture and we read it only to think it doesn’t mean anything. This is what I did with Pro 4:7 I even wrote another post on it a few days ago that I highly recommend you check out…

But this post is about understanding

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that “Wisdom” truly can and will change everything about you and your business. This scripture tells us that it is the one thing that is in control when we search it out. It is the one that thing lays the foundation and gets results if we allow it, but it does not magically appear. Wisdom comes with work and a WANTING to find it…

Proverbs 4:7 can be brushed over by many people as they look for God’s direction in business and life. However being a Christian in business, we need to look for the deeper things, we need to go and get wisdom and allow it to fill us and flow through us.

Proverbs 4:7 is one of those scriptures that I have read many times and I am sure you have as well. However it wasn’t until one night when a good friend of mine commented on a post I had written about it suggesting I had made a spelling mistake with the word “principal”.

She was thinking it should have been “principle” which is a completely different meaning.

It was that night that I truly learned that Gods word is like an onion, it has many layers and some of those layers can make you cry as He opens up His love and revelation while others make you excited as you receive revelation after revelation.

It is like cooking onion on the BBQ, it smells soooooo good.

Learning and understanding Gods word for your life and His direction is important, take the time to go deeper and pray. He is there and wants to help.

I also want to encourage you to watch todays video, it is a revelation that I know will encourage and challenge you to understand that wisdom truly is the Principal thing…

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