let your yes be yes and your no be no

Contracts you didn’t know you had

One of the most intereting thing I see happening today is the ease at which people break their contracts and don’t think twice about it. We hear about it all the time where people are trying to find loop holes in written contracts so that they can get out of them, forgetting the “intent” behind the contact.

But today we are not talking about the written contract, we are talking about the “verbal” contract, the one where you tell a client, a prospect or business partner that you will do something.

They then rest on your word, believing that you are a person of your word and will do what you say. Unfortunately what we are seeing more and more though is a tendency for people not to believe what other people say they are going to do.

This is very sad, because it is not just happening in the world, it is happening in the Christian church as well.

Jesus says in Matt 5: 37 “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.”

He knows the importance of keeping our word, He has never broken His, could you imagine if He did, how catastrophic it would be.

So if you understand what would happen if Christ didn’t keep His word, think about what happens in your world, when you don’t keep yours…

Your prospects, your clients and your business partners are all impacted and this flows onto your sales which flows onto your income. It is all linked. Your word is your bond!

But what if you can’t do what you said you are going to do for some reason?

Simple, you be “proactive” and contact the people involved and “renegotiate” your verbal contract with them, if you call them or message them and tell them what has happened most times you will find that you will actually have a favourable response, this includes your children, your spouse, your friends, anyone that you have made a commitment to.

So today, if you are wanting to see a dramatic change in your results, be a person of your word, do the thing you said you would do when you say you would do it.

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