Make Money with Facebook Chat

make money on facebookHow do you make money on facebook

So many people I know want to make money using facebook, but they don’t realise how powerful the facebook chat area really is, so today I am going to expand on another post I did which gave you 12 powerful questions to ask people you are chatting with on facebook.

First I want you to understand that this one component I am about to give you is one of the most effective and powerful strategies you or anyone else can start to use with your facebook marketing, and the best thing about it, is it’s free.

It allows any person who is prepared to put some effort in and learn a new skill develop a business and gain results.

Facebook chat allows you to do the one thing that with the right training and skill development will make sure you always have people to speak to and clients to look after.

Facebook chat does this because it allows you to do the one thing that many other areas in facebook don’t allow you to do….

Make Relationships.

In the facebook chat area you get to make new friendships and build trust. It is in this area that you get to find out about the person you are speaking to and understand their underline need, whatever that is.

Many people get caught up into advertising and spending money, however in this area, it does not cost you a cent.

Facebook chat allows you to FORM the individual, if you don’t know what FORM means, it is a series of questions that allow you talk about the number one most important thing to that person…THEM!

So you get to ask questions about:

F = Family

O = Occupation

R = Recreation

M = Message

Keep the focus on them and build trust.

When your prospect finally asks you…”So what do you do…” your response is “I make money online using facebook etc”…they will then ask you “How do you do that?”

Then you DONT ANSWER the question, you actually start asking the 12 questions I gave you in my previous post.

How do you take the prospect to the facebook chat area?

We will cover that on the next post…We will talk about where to go and how to communicate.

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