Mannatech Scam or worlds greatest opportunity

MannatechMannatech Scam or something not to be missed!

I have been working from home now for over 14 years and all that time I have been with the same company, Mannatech.
So even though I have been working with Mannatech for that amount of time, I will do my best to just give you the facts but I will also explain to you why I have stayed with Mannatech and why I believe…

Mannatech is the company that will be exploding industry records once again.

You see Mannatech was at one time an industry leader, they were growing while everyone else were at stand stills and trying to work out what they should be doing.
Mannatech were turning over hundreds of millions of dollars, however their focus was in one direction and that direction was about to bite.
Mannatech associates, instead of targeting wellness and the opportunity that is a part of that industry, they targeted the sickness industry. The reason Mannatech associates targeted the sickness industry was because of powerful testimonies that were being received, te problem was that the associates were making claims that the company could not verify. These claims opened Mannatech up to litigation and legal disputes.

Even though Mannatech and Mannatech associates enjoyed a time of explosive growth, it was like a house that was built on sand, it didn’t have a solid foundation. Without the studies to back them up, it was only a matter of time before the foundation Wouk be tested and the leadership rocked.
And this is precisely what happened as all at once, over a period of 2 – 3 years, they were fined, sued and challenged on many different fronts.
These things that were happening to Mannatech did not mean that the company was and is a bad company, it just meant that they had made some wrong decisions, decisions that were going to cost them.
In some ways many of us believe that these challenges were actually a gift from God. A gift that forced Mannatech and the field leadership to refocus, re group and make changes, and let me tell you, these changes are nothing short of extraordinary.
Let’s go through each of them:

  1. Social entrepreneur – Give for real: Mannatech introduced the Social Entrepreneur Program as a way to impact the worlds greatest need…Malnutrition. Everytime someone decides to go on a regular order with Mannatech, Mannatech then nourishes a child through one of their partner programs. Hundreds of thousands of children are being nourished every month as you read this article.
  2. 3 – 6 month money back guarantee: Mannatech introduced the 3 – 6 month money back guarantee on all of their product range as a way for them to say; “Hey we are so confident in our products, if you are not satisfied you can have a full refund, now that is powerful.
  3. Pack price reduction: Mannatech decided that they would make it easier for their new business partners to get started by introducing new pack prices. Due to the G.E.C. they heard the pain that was being felt in the community and decided to help that need.
  4. Osolean: Mannatech introduced Osolean and it has become one of their break through products, osolean makes the body burn 3 times more fat than muscle and testimonies have shot in from all over the globe just on this product alone.
  5. Nutriverus: Mannatech has only recently introduced NutriVerus, it has sky rocketed their sales and transformed the business. Associates are finding out how easy it is to speak to other people about it nutriverusand with an amazing acceptance rate due to the powerful price point. Many people find it almost impossible to say no.
  6. Navig8: Mannatech introduced Navig8 a powerful marketing platform for Mannatech associates globally.
  7. Extreme Food makeover system: This is Mannatech’s simple in home presentation that uses NutriVerus and Osolean to convey the message of nutrition in a fun and open manner.
  8. Patented and protected: This is what sets Mannatech apart. They own the patents so no one can come close to what they have.

Each of these changes are/were industry firsts and could be used to exponentially grow a business, but when you bring them together, it is like a tidal wave of opportunity waiting for anyone to jump on board and ride all the way in. This tidal wave though won’t be over quickly, however the ones that get on board now and move quickly will be the ones positioned to dramatically increase their incomes.
Personally I believe that there comes atone in our lives that we need to stand up and choose a direction we are going to move. When you hear about Mannatech it is one of those times.
Many people pray and ask for God for money, I know I did and still do, the thing to understand though, is that Go doesn’t send money, He send opportunity or the way to make money. Mannatech is that way.

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