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Have you ever wondered why companies like google, Facebook & Linkedin make so much money? Think about it, they are not selling anything, their services are free so how do they make all those billions?marketing

I saw this picture on Facebook and it said it better than I could have.

“If you’re not paying for it, your not the customer, you’re the product being sold”.

Allow that to sink in a little…

It is not a bad thing, it is just reality, but it does open up our eyes to how powerful a “LIST” actually is, and the bigger the list, the more money you can make.

The success of your business will rise and fall on how qualified your list is and well you market to that list. To be a smart entrepreneur we need to understand this key aspect of business.

Having a list is like money in the bank if you know how to market to that list and how to build excitement about the products you have.

However if there is something that we can learn from these social media giants it is this, they don’t just keep interacting with us, they have made our whole online world revolve around them.

So this should make us ask another question, how do we make our lists world revolve around us?

The simple answer is: “Make sure you are giving them what they want…”

Now none of us knew before Facebook came along that we wanted a social community to share our photos, thoughts and even our dirty laundry, but we did and still do. Don’t ask me why, however if you look at the numbers that Facebook is growing by every single quarter it is staggering.

This can happen in your business as well, you just need to be creative and go deep into the psyche of your potential client to understand what they want and how is it that you can give it to them.

So I guess the thought for today is, “How can I grow my list and build a culture within it that they actually not only want what I have, but keep coming back to see if I have it…?”

All of the big names we know were just an idea that somebody put some passion and action behind.

You can do this as well.









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