Marketing With Facebook and Twitter – The Lessons I Have Learnt

marketing with facebook and twitterMarketing With Facebook and Twitter – The Lessons I Have Learnt

Marketing With Facebook And Twitter is a science.

For someone to believe that they can decide one day that they are going to start marketing with Facebook and twitter and earn tens of thousands of dollars in their first month is a pie in the sky dream and they need to have a reality check.

One of the things we work very hard in doing here at Work From Home Christians is to make sure we give you the facts and help you to see and understand that while yes there are people who seem to have meteoric success and shoot to stardom over night when they start marketing with Facebook and twitter, you need to learn to look a little deeper.

Most of the time the people you hear from who tell you they started to earn big money marketing with Facebook and twitter, did so because someone else was right beside them who had already made all the mistakes and so they were just following instructions and not really learning the secrets of marketing with Facebook and twitter.

Or others actually had a heap of experience online already and so when they started marketing with Facebook and twitter they already knew fundamentals and so were able to put the pieces together a lot quicker than the average person.

For me this was not the case when I started marketing with Facebook and twitter, I actually found that I needed to learn a HEAP of new things before I even made my first $1 and to be open with you, I am STILL learning new things.

Please do not think that you ever stop learning, especially when it comes to marketing with Facebook and twitter.

Today though, as part of our “using Facebook for business” series, I am going to take you through some of the fundamentals that I find work for me.

I want you to understand something first though.

Just like there are a myriad of ways to walk across a room and each way can be different, there are a myriad of ways to use Social Marketing to create an income and build your business, marketing with facebook and twitter is just one of them.

So let’s start discussing how to marketing using Facebook and twitter.

First you need to understand the basics.

Both are social and require trust and relationships to be developed.

This happens by quality information being given and you being interested in other people.

Many people make the mistake when they first start marketing with Facebook and twitter to think that, If they have a product to sell then they shouldn’t need to put the time and effort into building trust and relationships.

This is a newbies mistake.

If you look at all of the big marketers on the internet, they are all looking for ways to build trust and relationship.

Yes they have interesting ways of doing it, but they do. They know that if they want results when they are marketing with facebook and twitter, they had better build relationships.

A lot of the time they do it through other people’s recommendations, they get other people to promote what they have as good and so because someone else is promoting their product, then that persons contacts trust what is being said.

Think about this for your business, how can you get other people to recommend what it is you are doing.

Can you get testimonies, recommendations and even videos from your clients or partners?

If you can do this then marketing on Facebook and twitter just got a whole lot easier.

Marketing on Twitter is different to marketing on Facebook.

On twitter it is like people are ADD or ADHD they don’t stop, things get thrown around so quickly and for many people it is very difficult to see the value of twitter, although it does play a major role in your marketing efforts especially if you can keep your list clean from spammers and no gooders. This is difficult but from my experience essential.

You can build your twitter list by connecting with other people’s contacts and commenting on their posts.

Find people with the same interests as you and ones that have a problem that you can fix.

It is when you find someone with a problem that your product and or service can fix that you are 90% of the way to getting a new client/partner.

Your next step is to bring them over to Facebook.

Allow them to connect with you or your Facebook page.

By bringing them over to your Facebook profile or page they get to see whether you are  a person they can trust and get a long with. They do this through looking at your photos and videos and reading your posts, so make sure you don’t put anything up that you don’t want others to read.

Marketing on Facebook and twitter and getting success does not come overnight, but it does come if you have a  blueprint to follow and people who can show you what they have done and are doing to achieve the success you want, especially if they are in the same business or industry you are in.

At work from home christians, we work with those people who want to learn to market on Facebook and twitter and show them what we know and are learning.

It is a powerful yet simple process that does require time and effort.

Who is Marketing on Facebook and twitter NO FOR!!!

I do not believe that marketing on Facebook and twitter is for everyone.

I believe that it is great for those people who have a lot of extra time or who can focus on the small things and don’t mind taking the time to help people as it can be a slow process in the work from home industry.

I personally have found that having a simple script and system to follow is better than marketing on Facebook and twitter, even though I do it every day.

Working in a warm market arena is much more profitable for people just getting started than actually working online.

If you want to know more about why I think marketing on facebook and twitter is a slow way to get started, just leave a comment below and I will explain, if you ask 🙂

If you have found the information in this article helpful, make sure you leave a comment below and share it with those you care about 🙂 – we want everyone to know how to create freedom

marketing with Facebook and twitter
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marketing with Facebook and twitter

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