My First day of a 90 Day Action Plan

90 Day action planSome talk about a 90 day action plan, others DO IT!!!

I know it is easy to talk about a 90 day action plan, but it is totally different to actually do one.

I did one when I first made a decision to build my business and within 14 months of doing my 90 day action plan (that lasted 18 months lol) I was earning well over $100,000 per year.

The 90 day action plan had taken us from earning $500, sometimes $1000 per week to over $3000 per week and climbing.

That 90 day action plan created so much momentum for my business, even though at the end of it I slowed my activities, my business continued to grow and expand all around the world.

People were excited and so they created their own 90 day action plans and drove their own business sky ward.

Things have been good for a very long time, and life has been comfortable, however and this is a big however, I realised I could keep doing the little bit I was doing and be happy with my results or I could go and do something great.

If you are like me, you may get caught up in doing just enough to get by, just enough to be comfortable, the thing to realise is that living that way will never truly leave a lasting impact on the world, especially the world that you have influence in.

So this is why I decided to do another 90 day blitz or 90 day action plan.

I have thrown off the bow lines and I am moving toward my next big dream, and I know that getting out of my comfort zone is the only way for me to accomplish this dream, and I want you to join me and do the same.

Your comfort zone is that place where everything is nice and cosy, and you feel warm there and safe. The problem is, you have been living there for a very long time and it is the reason you

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are getting the results you are getting.

Just imagine what could happen if you made a decision to join a team who are like minded and who are actively and aggressively building their businesses. Could you see what you could do with a group of like minded individuals?

So yesterday I started my new 90 day action plan or 90 day blitz.

You may think that because I have a business of tens of thousands of associates that I would walk into this and be happy about doing it. But the opposite is true.

The only thing that is pushing me, besides my desire to leave and do something great, is the dream I have and my desire to have that dream and give it to my family.

So let me share with you my first day.

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