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Holding On To The Old Or Going After The New.James Hannan My Old Shirt - Christian Home Based Business

Today was a big day for me.

2003 was when everything changed for us. Our income doubled and our business took off.

We had the privilege of moving into a very high position within our business and our lives have never been the same since.

In that year we got to go to the USA (which we have been to many times since) to celebrate the success we had achieved and be recognised for our efforts.

We went to a convention in Dallas Texas (Yes I know why would we go to Dallas hahaha) but we had a great time.

At the convention in our “gift bag” was a simple t shirt.

I have kept that shirt all this time, however today was the day to let it go.

I realised as I took it off for the last time (it has become my exercise and yard shirt) that it held a lot of significance in my life as it was the year that we got to see the culmination of our efforts up until that point.

But I also realised that it was our PAST NOT OUR FUTURE…

It was time to let go of it and create a new memory. A memory that would see us achieving another goal and accomplishing another victory.

Too many times we hold onto the past at the cost of the future.

I have seen people who want things to change in their life, but they become too fearful about moving forward and letting go.

And it is interesting to see what they are holding onto.

Fear, unbelief, failure, hurt, frustration, other peoples experiences etc etc etc

Instead of holding onto the promises that have been given to us by God.

Your future does not have to equate to your past.

James Hannan My Old Shirt - Christian Home Based BusinessYou can either continue to live in your past or use the experiences from it to grow and nurture your future.

Just like me throwing away my old shirt, why don’t you throw away your old experiences that don’t serve you anymore.

Yes we should learn from them, but it does not mean that all those experiences have to be bad. We can make them good if we choose.

Remember, people succeed every single day in business and yes people fail as well. But what is the difference between the one who fails and the one who succeeds?

The only difference is THEM…

Think about that a

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little more. If the only difference in the individual, than all the individual can change and develop the skills necessary to succeed.

So now make a choice to let go of the old and grab a hold of the new…move forward and get started in your home based business.









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