My Personal Funnel For Network Marketing Leads

network marketing leadsMy Personal Strategy For Finding Network Marketing Leads

Imagine being able to find an unlimited supply of Network Marketing Leads.

In my recent article called MLM Lead Generation I spoke a lot about the dying art of finding leads offline. I spoke a little about online strategies however my main point was getting people to focus on being able to use the God given gift that we all have and that is the gift of communication, you will also use it to find Network Marketing Leads.

Even people who can not talk can still communicate, so the focus of that article was to help you remember that you actually have that gift and now you can use to also find Network Marketing Leads.

I have always been a big advocate of finding and developing your own leaders, people who are not going from one opportunity to another, however there is something pretty cool about having people come to you who are looking for a network marketing opportunity.

Network Marketing Leads are actually not that hard to find.

For me to back that statement up I want to give you some insights I have realised over the last 24 months of actually finding and developing Network Marketing Leads into our own business.

Network Marketing Leads are actually anyone looking for a home based business, I say this because everyone who starts looking for a business they can run from home knows and understands that the best kind of business they can run from home is a network marketing business, they are just looking for the right one.

Sure they may be others that are looking for some kind of online business, however when they realise how difficult it is and how much money they need to invest into building a strictly online business, most of the time the person pulls away from that and becomes more open to something in this arena. So everyone becomes the perfect Network Marketing Leads.

So what do I do to find perfect Network Marketing Leads:

Network Marketing Leads Key 1: There is no “Perfect Network Marketing Leads”. Why do I say this? Because no one is perfect, however there are better quality leads and these leads are the ones that go through a funnel process to be qualified in and out. The idea is to put as many people onto your lists and you can and then stay in contact with them.

Network Marketing Leads Key 2: Build your profile. This does not have to be hard. If you don’t have a blog, then just make sure that your “Facebook Account” looks like you are a professional and you are a positive person. I have seen so many people make the mistake of being negative, lets face it, who wants to deal with negative people, I know I don’t. If I get someone who is negative as a lead/prospect, I generally “next them”. I don’t

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have time or desire to be dealing with negative people, I will let God do that for me so I can stay focused on the purpose He has me here for.

Your Facebook profile can be an outstanding way to find people. Your prospects are watching you and seeing what kind of person you are. So make sure you are putting up images, text and videos that are encouraging and uplifting.

Network Marketing Leads Key 3: Find a way to build traffic. Traffic or people that are interested in what you say is important. One of the ways I do this is by finding  Network Marketing or MLM groups on Facebook and post articles I write in them. Most people are posting Spam in these groups so when someone actually promotes quality content, it becomes something that people are excited about and will follow. Remember you want to be different to everyone else out there who is just pitching their business or opportunity. While yes there are times when just pitching your link to your opportunity site works, more of the time it just pushes people away. Wait until they ask for it before you give it to them.

Network Marketing Leads Key 4: Use other peoples list. This will be my last point for the day. I want to leave it here because I think many people miss how amazing it is to be able to have other companies do the lead generating for you. For those of you who do not know, there are companies that advertise all the time for people who want to work from home. They then sell you those leads and it saves you the time and energy needed to find them yourself.

I have used these a lot in the past and the better I became at speaking to those leads the better my results were. And that is a big point right there. Whether you are developing your own Network Marketing Leads or buying them from a lead supplier, it is important to understand that you NEED to develop your skills and the best skill to develop is the skill of communication. I have seen many many people think that the leads they purchase are no good and the people they are speaking to are not interested. In my experience with dealing with Network Marketing Leads over the last 15 years is that the leads ARE interested, it is just the skill of the individual on the other end of the phone that needs to grow.

Personally it all changed for me with talking to Network Marketing Leads after I started attending Dani Johnsons events and listening to her training material.

The more I attended, the more I listened and the more I DID the better I become at dealing with and helping people at getting started from my Network Marketing Leads.

One of the other reasons I like new people using lead sources is they can get straight into it, they don’t have to wait. They can also purchase “aged leads” and “practice” on them.

I want my new people to practice on at least 100 old Network Marketing Leads before they start diving into the new ones. Because the old Network Marketing Leads are cheaper than the new ones and they will get ALL of the objections.

Network Marketing Leads Key 5: Put your leads into an auto responder. Make sure your leads are receiving emails and information from you on a regular basis. It is important for them to be kept up to date from you and be receiving valuable information. I have gotten so many people started from my auto responder than I remember. We have pre-written emails that get sent out to our lists all the time that our team uses and they work.

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