Our Mannatech Award – Australasian Associate of the Year

mannatechWhat does our award from Mannatech mean?

Australasian Associate of the Year

At our recent Mannatech convention my wife and I were absolutely blown away to receive an award that in my opinion would have to be the top award any person can receive anywhere in Mannatech.

This award is called the Mannatech Australasian Associate of the Year Award

It is awarded to the Mannatech associate who shows the greatest results in a combination of the following categories:

1. Income

2. Personal Enrollments

3. Leaders developed in business

4. Volume Growth

This award from Mannatech is not an award that any individual can claim from their own efforts.

Every leader in Mannatech knows that, yes first they need to make a decision to grow and build their Mannatech business and the thoughts and actions we do will attract the right people and drive the business forward, however it is not because of the efforts of any one individual. It is because of a team moving forward and seeing the vision of what they can do with this business in Mannatech.

The type of people I am talking about are people like Chris & Bev Gregory who in the last 24 months have shown true leadership and courage to grow and develop their Mannatech business and this year joined us in the MIllion Dollar Club. (this means that he has earned over $1,000,000 in Mannatech) and Peter and Peggy Barr who continue to help their Singapore team totally own that market.

Naomi Enevoldson, who was awarded by Mannatech for being the Top Enroller for Mannatech Australasia. This means that Naomi enrolled the most associates out of all Mannatech leaders throughout Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and Singapore)

Simeon Cryer who has been working with Mannatech to develop the system we are all using now, called the Extreme Food Makeover (or XFM). Simeon and Nicole Cryer went from $350 per week to earning close to $2,000,000 from Mannatech so far.

And then there are our amazing Mannatech team in Singapore and Germany who continually show how powerful they are.

I know that as soon as I started to name names, I would have myself in trouble but I just had to mention those ones.

Thank you to everyone in our team who have taken building their Mannatech business so seriously and I know you will exceed your dreams.

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