Psalm 139 vs 14 How you bring value to the market place.

Psalms 139: 14 You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

Attracting new customers and business partners can sometimes feel like a challenge that is impossible for you attain. You maybe looking around and seeing the success of other people and wondering “Why them and why not me”.

Well I believe that Psalms 139: 14 could hold a key to this.

The way we feel about ourselves and about our God flows through everything we do, our clients, business partners, friends and family all pick up on our emotions but more than that, our connection with the living God.

Knowing that God is “consumed with love for you” should help you to see your true worth, your value…it is IMMEASURABLE!!!

When you start to see and believe that your God thinks about you more than there is grains of sand, you get to know how important you are and this then flows on into everything you do.

You smile more, you hold yourself differently and you have more confidence. Your actions are the actions of someone who knows that who they are and what they bring to the world and to other people is special.

Now ask yourself, if you know this about yourself, don’t you think that others will want to be around you because you shine light into their world?

Business is all about bringing value and there is no greater value than the value that Jesus brings. He wants you to succeed because when you succeed, you shine even brighter.

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