Self Sufficiency as a Christian

self sufficiency as a christian working from homeWhat does Self Sufficiency look like for a Christian working from home?

I know the title Self Sufficiency as a christian may be a little weird for a business blog, but when I asked Kasey, my wife what I should write on today, she actually said “Self Sufficiency”. When she did I looked at her like she was a little crazy, well ok I thought she had lost the plot, but then I realised that this is definitely something we should be talking about. Most Christians unfortunately miss the whole concept of self sufficiency and have become so caught up in the worlds view of what it should look like that they miss the beauty of it.

However todays article is not about being self sufficient on the land, even though we live on a beautiful acre and a half in the hinterland of Coffs Harbour, have our own fruit trees, veggie garden and soon to be chooks etc, it is about being self sufficient in life and not relying on someone else to give you a pay check/cheque.

A concern I have for many christians is the trap that get into believing that having a job, working for someone else and having that money put into your bank account by the boss is security.

Self Sufficiency needs to be on all of our minds.

Many times I have heard christians tell me that they like the security of going to work each day.

To me, that is the greatest risk a person could ever do.

I mean let’s think about this for a moment. When you work for someone else, you are at their mercy, you never know what the management or owner is thinking. You don’t know what they are spending their money on or if they are handling their debtors well or not.

You don’t know if they are thinking of selling or closing or even going in a different direction that will no longer require your skills.

I had this happen, so I can speak from experience. After 3 years of working for a company, the board of directors walks into the offices and says: “Thanks for all your hard work, we have made a decision and we no longer require your services, we will be heading in a different direction.”

I called my wife and told her I was out of a job, she said “that’s fine, go home and relax”. The reason she said this was 18 months earlier, we had made a decision to start building a business in our part time that was now earning more money than my corporate executive job.

So there was still peace and security in my home. Obviously I believe it was God directing us to step out 18 months earlier, because if I didn’t, things would have been a whole lot different than they were at home.

The question I want to ask you: “Is God speaking to you right now about becoming self sufficient?”

Is He hinting to you to start doing something that will allow you to have more money, more time and more freedom?

Is He telling you to do it now because He knows something you don’t and He wants you to be prepared?

You see, I do not believe that we have desires in our heart to start businesses of our own, on our own accord. I believe that these can be hints that are given to us by God protecting us from some kind of heart ache in the future.

So are you listening, are you working a business right now that will help you become self sufficient or are you ignoring the encouragement of God to move forward and do something now?

Over the years I have had the pleasure to spend time with some amazing christian leaders. Leaders who all share a similar story “If I didn’t act when I did, things would have been pretty bad for me, there were bad times ahead and I couldn’t see them, but God could!”

Starting out in a home based business can be quite daunting I know. So many questions start to go through your mind:

Can I do it

How will get trained

What will I do

Is God with me

Is it wrong to make money (this one is crazy)

Is it a scam

Can I trust the people I am working with

All of these are common questions and most of them should be asked.

The one thing I like to do is “pray”. I mean why not, we are christians and we serve a pretty big god, and He wants whats best for us.

So allow me to suggest to you that you start your own self sufficiency program for your financial future. This does not happen working for someone else and only relying on the cheque they give you.

Just imagine what an extra $1000 per month could look like for you. What would you be able to do? Could you pay off some debts faster, go on a holiday or even buy gifts for your loved ones.

Don’t believe the hype about it always being easy, it’s not, but it is possible and it is possible for you.

Allow us to train you, support you and join a team of bible believing, Jesus loving christians who want the best for you and will show you what they do to have success

I guess we could have titled this article: “There is no security in having a job”.

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